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Qualifying statements concerning the December 2, 2012 Report (tv programme broadcasted on RAI3 channel

A2A and operations in Montenegro

Referring to the Rai 3 Report of 2.12.2012 and in particular to the service dedicated to the purchase of the electrical company EPCG by A2A, we consider it necessary to make certain observations:

Result of A2A for the year 2011

In this Report it was stated that in 2011 A2A recorded a balance sheet loss amounting to €916 million and that such result derived from the losses of EPCG in Montenegro. As stated in the 2011 Report and Accounts, the A2A business year closed with a net loss for the Group amounting to € 420 million, the figure of €916 million also includes losses attributable to third parties for € 496 million. The losses are mainly due to non-recurrent depreciation related to the loss of value of investments in Edison and Edipower, companies that have been affected by the sharp decline in demand for electricity and gas in Italy. The impact of EPCG on the A2A loss in 2011 amounted to €70 million (41 for depreciation and 29 loss for the business year). The ordinary running of A2A, when the extraordinary effects and afore-mentioned non-recurrent factors are removed, closed in 2011 with a profit of € 168 million, despite the strongly negative macroeconomic and sectorial context. We would also point out that in just the first nine months of 2012 the net profit of A2A amounted to € 169 million. All this information was provided to the Report journalist and was published in the A2A Balance Sheet.

Purchase of 43.7% of EPCG by A2A

The purchase of a 43.7% holding in EPCG by A2A came about through a competition in which, at the final phase, four international companies participated. A2A decided to participate on the basis of two fundamental business objectives: to acquire new capacity from renewable sources, including hydropower, and to safeguard a geographic area more and more integrated into the Italian and European system, due to the planned interconnection between Italy and Montenegro in a 1000 MW undersea cable. The advisor of the Government of Montenegro was Unicredit and A2A was assisted by Mediobanca. A2A bought approx. 15% of EPCG on the Montenegrin stock market during the first months of 2009. It subsequently won the competition and as required by the rules of the call, launched an acquisition offer (OPA) under the same conditions of the competition. The competition also provided for a capital increase, the share capital was and is available to EPCG for the management and investment to develop its activities. The capital increase amounted to €96.2 million and to date, after the investmentsmade in Montenegro, the current available cash of EPCG is about €60 million.

Results for the year 2011 of EPCG

The financial balance of EPCG of 2011 closed with a loss of € 66 million, a result which was mainly generated by low rainfall bringing about a low production of hydroelectric power, thus obliging EPCG to import. Other important factors were the reduction in regulated tariffs (approx.- 10%) and the criticality of the KAP energy consuming customer These factors were partially resolved during 2012: since the beginning of October, EPCG has had no contractual relationship with the company KAP and up to December 2012 it will supply to a trading company, wholly-owned by the State of Montenegro, only the half of the volume previously provided to KAP. In addition, as regards tariffs, a new method of pricing has come into effect. In 2012 the growth of regulated prices is equal to an average 11%. We would also draw attention to the fact that in 2010, the first full year of the presence of A2A among the shareholders of EPCG, despite the afore-mentioned criticality, EPCG had produced a gross operating profit (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) of € 61 million and a profit of €16 million.


Milan, March 1, 2012 - The Board of Directors of AMSA has appointed Dott.ssa Paola Petrone to General Manager, with effect from Thursday, March 1.

Paola Petrone has extensive experience at an international level in the management of activities such as logistics, purchasing and transport. More recently she has worked in the FIAT Group, as Senior Vice President within the "Supply Chain Management" and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Group Companies. She previously worked as Manager of Trenitalia Regional Transport for Lombardy, for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and in Siemens. 


A2A confirmed in the ECPI index Ethical Equity EMUECPI has confirmed the inclusion of A2A in the ECPI Ethical Equity EMU index, based on an evaluation conducted late last year. Using a screening method, the index selects and evaluates the first 150 companies listed on the EMU market, (Economic and Monetary Union).
Companies are selected from those with high capitalisation
and with the best qualifications in terms of sustainability, applying a methodology based on a series of indicators that take into account environmental factors, together with social and corporate governance. A2A has been present in the index since 2008.

Since its inception in 1997 ECPI has been the first Italian company focusing exclusively on socially responsible investments (SRI). The company is active in research, assigning credit ratings and creating sustainability indices. Thanks to a Database with the analysis of more than 4,000 contributing entries, ECPI is able to produce and maintain the ESG ratings drawing on a large volume of reference. 

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