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Brescia Milan Bergamo
Via Lamarmora 230 -25124 BRESCIA
Phone +39  030 35531 - Fax +39  030 3553204

How to reach it

Corso di Porta Vittoria, 4 - 20122 MILAN
Phone +39 02 77201 - Fax +39 02 77203920

How to reach it

Via Suardi 26 - 24124 BERGAMO
Phone +39 035.351.111 - Fax +39 035.246645

How to reach it


Toll free number

800 011 639
(from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00)

Customer centre
Via Lamarmora, 230
(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8.15 - 13.00,  14.00 - 15.30
Wednesday 8,15 - 15,30
Friday 8.15 - 13.00

Toll free number
800 199 955
(from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00)

For calls from mobile or from abroad 
02 36609191
(from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00)

DTS  (Telephone system for hearing-impaired people)
02 77203222
(from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00)

Customer centre
Via Francesco Sforza, 12
(from Monday to Friday  from 8.30 to 16.00)


Toll free number
800 012 012
(from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00)

Customer centre
Via Suardi, 26 - Bergamo
(from Monday to Friday  from 8.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 16)

Direction of Communication and External Relations Investors

Phone  +39 02 77204583
Fax +39 02 77203591

Press office:

Social Responsibility
Phone +39 02 77204175 
Fax +39 02 77203535

A2A Investor Relations Team

Relational Capital

The Relational Capital takes the form of the capacity to relate with stakeholders, and to share values in order to increase individual and collective well-being



A2A Group 2013 2014 2015
Electricity customers (supply points) 990,098 970,408 985,070
Electricity sold(1) (GWh) 8,400 7,537 7,026
Gas customers (supply points) 1,140,112 1,111,885 1,097,480
Gas sold(1) (millions of m3) 1,402 1,100 1,117
Water customers (aqueduct service users)  279,188 280,092 282,254
Water supplied to users (millions of m3) 63 60 63
District heating customers (users served) 23,773 24,242 24,526
Heat sold (GWht) 2,396 1,951 2,297
Municipalities served for environmental hygiene 88 93 101
Waste collected(2) (thousands of tonnes) 1,543 1,489 1,313
Municipalities served for electricity distribution 54 54 54
Municipalities served for gas distribution 202 204 204

1 Sold to customers of the free and protected market; the quantities sold are stated net of losses.
2 Municipal waste collected for the environmental hygiene service and special waste collected with services for payment by Amsa and Aprica.


New app for the collection of cumbersome waste New app for the collection of cumbersome waste:
approximately 42,880 people have used the service
More than 1,000 supply vouchers More than 1,000 supply vouchers requested from customers registered
with the “Chiara2a” loyalty programme run by A2A Energia


Material issues Management method 2015 actions 2016-2020 Sustainability Plan actions
Management of categories of vulnerable clients The Group guarantees equal rights to all users, equal treatment and non-discrimination against any for any reason. The Group also undertakes to pay close attention to simplifying language, guaranteeing accessibility to the services offered. • Disbursement of financial bonuses
• “Banco dell’energia” [Energy bank] project
• Braille bills
• Multi-lingual documentation
Achieve 0.1% of customer base (including employees) with the Energy Bank initiative
Fairness and transparency in customer relations Fairness and transparency towards customers and citizens served are always among the cornerstones of the A2A Group, essential to building and maintaining a lasting relationship that is expressed through multiple contact channels. Under this scope, the Group undertakes to ensure respect and courtesy with regards to the end user, offering multiple communication channels. • Complaints and disputes management service
• Joint settlement service
• Information campaign on “fake workers” (Amsa)
• Start-up of focus groups with customers, employee and consumer associations to present the new Bill 2.0
• Self-regulation protocol against unfair commercial practices
• Reach 400,000 customers with the on-line services offered by A2A Energia
• 400,000 customers registered with the A2A Energia bollett@mail service
• Reach 100,000 citizens with the Group apps
Quality of services provided and attention to customers

The Group establishes principles and criteria for the supply of the service in addition to general and specific quality standards of the service, which it undertakes to respect. Moreover, the Group pursues the aim of continuously improving efficiency and effectiveness of the service, adopting the technological, organisational and procedural solutions that are most appropriate to the end.

• Customer satisfaction surveys
• Service quality charter
• Technological applications
• Freephone number
• Other related services
• “Reference multi-client customer satisfaction” results for A2A Energia higher than the industry national average
• Maintenance of customer satisfaction levels measured with the 2013 survey for A2A Ciclo Idrico
• -40% of average duration and -64% of average number of interruptions for LV customers in the city of Milan with respect to 2015
Responsibility of customers The Group has always been committed to promoting and supporting energy efficiency initiatives, increasing differentiated collection and environmental education, aiming to spread a growing concern for the environment and the correct use of resources. • Promotion campaign for the use of low energy bulbs and offers of green energy
• Separate waste collection sensitisation campaign
• Campaign for the promotion of the disposal of “special” waste
• 100% increase in the sale of green energy (renewable) from 400GWh to 800GWh, to the MASS market segment
• Number of registered members of the loyalty programmes in education on the aware use of energy equal to 350,000 supplies




More than 80 initiatives promoted with Consumer or Environmentalist Associations More than 80 initiatives promoted with Consumer or Environmentalist Associations More than 5,000 visitors to the “Home of Energy and the Environment” More than 5,000 visitors to the “Home of Energy and the Environment” 17,690 visitors to the various Group sites, of which 89% are students of all ages 17,690 visitors to the various Group sites, of which 89% are students of all ages
150 traffic light control units transformed into works of art with the Energy box project 150 traffic light control units transformed into works of art with the Energy box project 4.3 million euros invested in activities in the favour of the territory 4.3 million euros invested in activities in the favour of the territory



Material issues Management method 2015 actions 2016-2020 Sustainability Plan actions
Support for initiatives and projects in the region A2A supports projects and initiatives that are able to generate shared value in the community in which it works and stimulate the growth of the people and territories. • AMSA partner of EXPO 2015
• Collaborations with Universities and Research Institutes
• Support of cultural and sports events
• Energy box project
100% of the Foundations’ initiatives, in line with the Sustainability Policy
Environmental education programs and initiatives The environmental education initiatives promoted by the Group are an important tool by which to contribute towards the spread of the sustainability culture amongst the younger members of society. Sustainability and environmental education are well-established issues, involving all stakeholders and are among the fundamental objectives of the 2020 Europe agenda. School Project and environmental education routes • Increase the number of students involved in A2A initiatives for the school by 20%
• Increase visits to the Group’s plants by 20%
Public policy Dialogue and discussion with the national and supranational institutions in connection with the matters of energy and the environment play a key role in the development of all Group activities. Participation in national round tables concerning the main matters of interest to A2A • 100% response to requests/ demands for sustainability ratings
Internal and external communication to stakeholders Correctness and transparency are two cornerstones of the communication with stakeholders of reference in order to clearly share the Group's performance and objectives. New territorial monitoring • Develop 8 territorial reports
• Develop 15 territorial workshops, from which 30 actions should ensue




During the year, 6,703 orders were issued for a total value of more than 690 million euros During the year, 6,703 orders were issued for
a total value of more than 690 million euros
81% (+9% on 2014) of the tenders were managed under e-procurement 81% (+9% on 2014) of the tenders were managed under e-procurement
48% of qualified suppliers received at least one order in 2015 48% of qualified suppliers received at least one order in 2015 3% of the value of contracts was awarded to social cooperative companies and non-profit organisations 3% of the value of contracts was awarded to social cooperative
companies and non-profit organisations

Geographic breakdown of orders

Geographic breakdown of orders



Material issues Management method 2015 actions 2016-2020 Sustainability Plan actions
Responsible management of the supply chain The relationship between A2A and its suppliers is based on respect for the principles of economy, efficiency, quality, fairness, equal treatment, transparency and impartiality. The Group is committed to promoting professional growth and accompanies supplies in the responsible management of the supply chain. • New supplier  qualification portal
• Future supplier audit plan
• Keep 75% of the value of orders to certified suppliers as a percentage of the total value of orders
• Achieve 50% of qualified suppliers with sustainability requirements
Effective management of roadworks for digging and pipe-laying For A2A, this issue is of great importance as it has implications of social responsibility and safety towards workers, internal and external (contractors), and citizens concerned with the sites. The Group strictly controls the management of sites for work on infrastructure, expansion of networks and plants, as well as for maintenance tasks entrusted to external companies. • Site audits,
 verifications and monitoring
• Anomaly and critical issue management service
• Monitoring of scores on the supplier injury indices for activities carried out at the A2A Group
• Carry out 4,000 inspections at road sites


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