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A2A enters the wind power generation sector: the first 8.2 MW plant has been acquired in Campania

The Group accelerates its involvement in the renewable energy sector by adding wind power generation to its hydroelectric and photovoltaic portfolio

Milan, 9 December 2020 - A2A accelerates its expansion in the energy generation from renewable energy sources by entering the wind sector with the acquisition of an 8.2 MW plant in Campania in the municipality of Castelpagano (Benevento).  

This transaction, which involved the taking over of the plant from Equiter - through Equiter Energia - and Barone Costruzioni, allows A2A to add wind power to its green energy generation portfolio consisting of hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants.

"With our first wind turbine plant, we opened a very important chapter for A2A. This sector is filled with high-tech solutions perfectly suited for a business like ours, since we are used to manage large power plants," said Renato Mazzoncini, A2A CEO. "It is time to be ambitious and further accelerate the energy transition. This asset expands our green energy portfolio: water, sun and air are the natural resources that will accompany us in the decarbonisation process. It represents a significant milestone and a further contribution to the sustainable development in which we are engaged."     

The plant, equipped with 4 turbines, can generate 20.4 GWh of electricity, corresponding to the annual needs of over 8,000 households. A2A chose this site as a first step in the wind energy sector given the excellent characteristics of the area, with wind that can generate annually approximately 2,500 equivalent hours, significantly above the national average. 

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