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A2A grows in the circular economy partnership with F.lli Omini SPA for the decommissioning of industrial plants

Milan – 21 October 2021 – A2A – through its subsidiary A2A Ambiente - has signed an agreement for the acquisition of a 30% stake in F.lli Omini SpA, a company specialised in demolition, aimed at creating a collaboration for the decommissioning of industrial plants. 

In line with A2A's strategic plan, the management of the final stage of the life cycle of industrial assets is an activity inspired by the principles of circular economy, recovery of materials and enhancement of resources. The partnership will allow for the effective decommissioning of industrial plants to the benefit of the territories, and will contribute to eliminate negative impacts on the environment. 

F.lli Omini is a leading company in the demolition of civil and industrial sites (in the chemical, petrochemical, energy and nuclear fields). With a turnover of about 20 million euros per year, and equipped with a wide range of certifications, the company is qualified to participate in major tenders in high-tech sectors.  Of particular importance are two projects carried out in recent years by F.lli Omini: the demolition of the Concordia wreck and, as leader of a pool of highly specialised companies, the design and demolition of the Morandi Bridge - an activity that, in terms of timing and execution, will remain an international reference point for the entire sector.

"With this operation A2A further expands the scope of activities related to the circular economy. Entering this new sector allows us to add a fundamental step to our consolidated businesses: the optimal management of the end of life of plants. An important area which requires adequate skills and advanced technologies to guarantee safe, efficient and sustainability-oriented processes" - commented Renato Mazzoncini, Chief Executive Officer of A2A - "This partnership represents further confirmation of the Group's attention to territories and its commitment to contribute to the country's ecological transition". 

 "The arrival of A2A in 30% of our share capital and the commercial partnership aimed at the activity of decommissioning of industrial plants” - said Emilio Omini, CEO and founder of F.lli Omini S.p.A. “ - representing a further tangible appreciation by the market of our company, which in the last 10 years has demonstrated great capacity for technical and managerial reliability. I am certain that this will be a crucial starting point for the development of important synergies that will allow a further improvement of our positioning in a market in great evolution, such as that of demolition".

The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. The agreement provides for a call option in favour of A2A on the entire share capital of F.lli Omini.

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