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Sustainability Olympics

An A2A-ELIS project for schools

On the occasion of Earth Day 2021, A2A, in collaboration with the non-profit vocational training organization ELIS, is launcing the Sustainability Olympics (Olimpiadi della Sostenibilità), a project for students at Italy’s secondary schools (13-18 age range) designed to promote among young people a culture of sustainable development.

All of us have a responsibility not only towards the society in which we live but, above all, towards future generations. The protection of the Earth and the quality of our lives also depend on the awareness and sensitivity of the young and on everybody’s commitment to providing a better world for those who come after us.

The phases of the Sustainability Olympics

In the initial phase, students will have the chance to use digital educational material to study in more depth the goals of the UN Agenda 2030. They will then have to produce explainer videos to raise other young people’s awareness of the important issues involved.

The three winning classes, those creating the best videos, will then take part in A2A’s Creathon, a creative idea-generation marathon that will take place on Earth Day 2022.

Italian schools compete to raise the young’s awareness of un agenda 2030 issues

Fourth-year students at Italian secondary schools (2021-22 school year) will be involved in a real creative challenge that will give them the opportunity to enhance their awareness of the importance of the main goals of the UN Agenda 2030.

A look at A2A’s sustainability plan, which focusses on the circular economy and energy transition, will provide students with a solid educational basis on the subject of sustainability. With the new knowledge acquired, they will be able to step up and express their standpoint.

Schools project website

Teachers can enrol up to three classes (2021-22 school year) who will represent their school. Each class will have to create its own explainer video.