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  • the value of the wealth distributed across the territory in 2017 was 66 million euros
  • 27 million euros invested for new plastic recovery plant in Cavaglià and the flexibility of the Chivasso power station
  • 276,000 tons of CO2 avoided thanks to renewables and energy efficiency in the plants
  • 103,000 tons of glass recovered in the Asti plant
  • 109 employees in Piedmont
  • 943 visitors to the group’s plants

Cioccaro di Penango (Asti), 22 November - The sustainability performance report of A2A in Piedmont in terms of environmental, economic and social responsibility was presented today in Cioccaro di Penango by A2A Group's Chairman, Giovanni Valotti, covering the commitments, results and facts of 2017 regarding the Group’s activity on Piedmont territory. It is the sixth territorial report presented this year, after those of Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Valtellina-Valchiavenna. The data refer specifically to the provinces where A2A operates. The publication of the territorial reports is part of a process of listening and involvement of the territorial stakeholders launched in 2015 at the forumAscolto in Brescia. The forumAscolto are opportunities for “guided” discussion that involve various interest-holders at the local level (associations, clients, businesses, universities, institutions etc.). Starting from the ideas that emerged during the forums, 14 projects have been carried out (for more information, visit the website


Economic responsibility
The value of the wealth distributed by A2A throughout the territory was 66 million euros in 2017, with 51 million spent on supplies and services in favour of the territory's companies and 9 million disbursed as labour cost to Piedmont employees. In addition, 27 million euros were invested for the maintenance and development of the plants (+ 21 million compared to 2016), in particular, 19 million euros for flexibility and maintenance interventions at the Chivasso thermoelectric power station.

Environmental responsibility
In 2017, A2A produced 2,079 gigawatt hours of energy and processed 468,782 tons of waste, of which 179,000 tons came from Intelligent Transfer Stations (ITS) and 157,000 tons from the Asti glass recovery plant. Piedmont is increasingly at the centre of the development strategy of A2A's circular economy. The new plastic recovery plant was also built in 2017 in Cavaglià – inaugurated in November 2018 – which can treat, select, separate and send for recovery 13 different types of plastic. With an investment of around 11 million euros, the Cavaglià plant is able to recover a secondary raw material for the production of around 108 million new plastic bottles. 103,000 tons of glass were recovered as a secondary raw material by the Asti treatment plant. In addition, thanks to the efficiency interventions of the Chivasso thermoelectric power station, the promotion of biogas and photovoltaic plants, the release of 276,000 tons of CO2 was avoided.

Corporate responsibility
A2A supports cultural, sporting, environmental and social initiatives in the territory. In 2017, 943 people visited A2A's local production sites. There are 109 collaborators who work in A2A’s Piedmont sites, with 13 new recruits in 2017. Great attention is paid to training; the hours dedicated to this aspect last year were, on average, 20 hours for each employee, of which more than 66% was linked to issues of safety in the workplace. A2A also operates in Piedmont through the commercial activity of A2A Energia, which sold 109 gigawatt hours of electricity (including 15 gigawatt hours of green electricity) and 20 million cubic metres of gas. The company's excellence in meeting the client’s requirements was also confirmed in 2017 (Monitor Cerved Energia survey).

As part of the forumAscolto programme, A2A today gave a preview to participants at the forum of the project to launch a “call for ideas” at the end of January 2019 in support of initiatives aimed at the sustainable development of Piedmont territory. In addition to economic support for a maximum of 50,000 euros overall, the winners be guaranteed a course of light incubation for the development of their project idea. Participants at today’s meeting were asked to identify, through discussion, the issues on which the "call for ideas" will focus.
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