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The Board of Directors of A2A S.p.A. has approved the 2019 Draft Financial Statements

Net Profit up by 13% on 2018, (389 million euro in 2019; 344 million euro in 2018), best result since A2A foundation

Revenues come to 7 billion euro, +13% on last year

EBITDA is 1,234 million euro (1,231 million euro in 2018) with total recovery of the lesser contribution by green certificates and other incentives of approximately 100 million euro

Strong growth in capex: 627 million euro, +25% on the previous year

NFP at 3,154 million euro (3,022 at 31 December 2018) NFP/EBITDA ratio at 2.56 x


Dividend proposed to the Shareholders’ Meeting of 0.0775 euro per share, +10.7% compared to the previous year


Milan, 19 March 2020 – At today’s meeting the Board of Directors of A2A S.p.A., chaired by Giovanni Valotti, approved the drafts of the Separate financial statement and of the Consolidated annual financial report at 31 December 2019.