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The Board of Directors examined and approved the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan of the A2A Group


New Strategic Plan
After the brilliant results of the 3R&3D Plan that guided the Group in the three-year period 2015-2017, the new Strategic Plan, “TEC”, has been announced

Growth in investments with a focus on digital and innovation
2.8 billion euros over five years, of which approximately 20% dedicated to digital investments and technological innovation; strong growth in renewables

Further strengthening of the economic-financial results
EBITDA at 1.39 billion euros and Net Profit at 0.48 billion euros in 2022
NFP at 3.03 billion euros, NFP/EBITDA ratio down to 2.2x

Dividend growth confirmed
Dividend targets: 2018 euro 6.7 cents per share, 2019 euro 7.5 cents per share, with minimum growth in the following years equal to 5% per annum

Additional projects not in the Plan
The Plan does not prudently incorporate several growth initiatives, including territorial aggregations

Integration of the Strategic Plan and Sustainability Plan
2018-2022 Sustainability Plan approved and its 4 Pillars (Circular Economy, Decarbonization, Smartness in the Networks and Services and People Innovation) integrated, with the inclusion of the respective objectives directly in the new Strategic Plan

Milan, March 20, 2018 – At today’s meeting of the Board of Directors of A2A the Board examined and approved the Group’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.
The 2015-2017 three-year plan, which is updated annually, is univocally recognizable in the 3R&3D strategic design, and has been completed. With the Plan presented today, a new chapter begins: the 2015-2017 plan has achieved the strategic objectives of industrial relaunch, external growth, an active role in the energy market and the redesign of the Group’s profile. In parallel, the financial targets have been exceeded: since 2014, EBITDA has grown by 187 million euros, the NFP/EBITDA ratio has fallen to 2.7x, the ROI has exceeded 11%, and dividends have increased steadily up to 5.8 euro cents per share in 2017, with a percentage change of over 60%.

The A2A Group has presented a new Plan today that focuses on three strategic guidelines (“TEC”):

  1. T - Transformation: strengthening and change of the reference businesses, included in the four business lines of A2A;
  2. E - Excellence: organization agility, operational excellence and process efficiency;
  3. C - Community: attraction and valorization of our people, and full involvement of the external ecosystem.

The three guidelines are supported by a strong base represented by Sustainability, the inspiring principle of development.


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