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Circular economy and energy transition are our current and future Career Areas

We are looking to recruit professionals and operational staff offering a wide range of skills but mainly concentrated in two career areas related to the circular economy and energy transition, our two strategic mainstays

In particular, as regards the Circular Economy, the most sought-after professionals are:

  • process engineers, specialized technicians and plant operators for our waste treatment and WTE facilities
  • operational staff for waste collection and urban cleaning

In the Energy Transition area, career opportunities fall into the categories of:

  • electronic and energy engineers specialized in the planning, management, maintenance and control of distribution networks
  • sales and commercial staff
  • Customer Management professionals
  • Specialized technicians for generation, engineering and maintenance plant
  • Specialists in the sphere of renewable energy sources, from planning to operation, business development.

For other core strategic areas, we are most interested in recruitments in the sphere of IT Demand & Delivery:

  • Business Analysts and Project Managers, in support of the single Business Units
  • & Innovation specialists in RPA, Cognitive Interaction, Intelligent Vision
  • IT Demand & Delivery
  • Data scientist and data governance
  • M&A and Post Integration


Our professional areas


For each of our business areas, we seek professionals, experts and talented people to maximise the Group's performance in each field.


The corporate area extends across all other corporate functions. We are looking for a variety of profiles in this area, ranging from risk management and finance professionals, legal and human resources, administrative staff to experts in the areas of innovation, IT, strategy and communication.

  • Purchases
  • Environment Health and Safety
  • Board
  • Business development
  • Internal communication
  • Communication, sustainability & regional affairs
  • Financial
  • HR
  • Innovation
  • Internal audit
  • Investor relations
  • IT
  • Legal and Compliance
  • MA&D
  • Planning and control
  • Regulation
  • Risk management
  • Security
  • Strategy
  • Client services


We control the entire energy value chain. This is why we seek out excellence and cross-sector talent in the fields of engineering, energy management and energy efficiency. We also include sales, commercial, marketing and communication experts in this unit.

  • Marketing & communications
  • Sales
  • Contract management
  • Planning & forecasting
  • Engineering
  • Hydroelectric generation (operation and maintenance)
  • Thermoelectric generation (operation and maintenance)
  • Energy management
  • Energy efficiency (sales)
  • E-mobility (sales and support)


Our circular economy model allows us to transform waste into resources. In this area, we are looking for environmental engineers, plant operators experienced in waste treatment and disposal, and urban hygiene workers to ensure the cleanliness of our cities.

  • Environmental engineering
  • Environmental Plant Services (Storage, Treatment and Disposal)
  • Regional Environmental Services (waste collection and transport, ground sanitation)


Through our networks we distribute energy, water, heat, light and data for smart services. We are looking for experts in the management and development of electricity and gas networks, hydroelectric, thermal and solar power plants. We are also looking for innovators to manage the latest e-mobility and smart city services.

  • Asset management and development (electricity and gas networks, water, heat, smart city)
  • Customer management and service (electricity and gas networks, water, heat, smart city, e-mobility)
  • Sales (e-mobility and smart city)