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The voices of the Life Company

Care, dialogue and attention: amongst ourselves, with customers and others and, above all, towards the environment. Working in a Life Company means choosing a virtuous circle, which learns from the past to design a new future that can improve people’s lives.

Luca and dialogue with the area

“Thanks to the power of water, we produce renewable energy: we are a Life Company because water is at the heart of what we do and water is a source of life. We are contributing to the energy transition and the decarbonization of the country thanks to hydro-electric power, which plays a crucial part in this process because it is renewable, flexible and plannable, and this helps us meet the energy challenges we face today. I immediately understood that our work had an impact on people’s lives. Energy is, in fact, a primary resource and producing it in a sustainable way is something of which we are proud. Our hydro-electric plants run in synergy with their area; the two are unavoidably linked and the hydro-electric presence often becomes instrumental in protecting and benefitting the area. Infrastructures that have become an integral part of the landscape, so much so that they bring harmony to it; great cathedrals of clean energy where human intelligence and nature meet. This sector now has more than a century of history behind it and represents our origins. Today, however, we are looking ahead to a new Spring; the greatest challenge will be that of maintaining the performance levels and efficiency of the power stations and reservoirs in the context of significant global climate changes by modernizing plants with the latest technology available and by operating sustainably at an economic, social and environmental level.”

Luca Dotti, Head of hydro-electric plants in the Valchiavenna area
A2A Generation and Trading

Cristina and care for the city

“Every day, I am working for the public and this is, without a doubt, the nicest aspect of my profession. Collecting waste is a daily commitment, so I feel that I am really representing the meaning of Life Company because, together with my team, I am providing an essential service: you could say that I am taking care of the city. In practical terms, this means studying data, gathering reports, optimizing processes to meet the needs of the public and of an evolving city. My job is constantly changing: to do it as well as possible, we have to react to change. In doing this, the circular economy is our guiding light. For the future, I will be working to offer the public an increasingly efficient service thanks to innovations in technology and in processes. The aim is to contribute to the transformation of waste into resources. At a personal level, I hope to continue growing and to play an active part in the transformation of the company.”

Cristina Fusco, Manager of Central Planning and Services
A2A Environment

Francesca and attention to people

“The company has over a hundred years of history behind it and has never stopped evolving. Today, more than ever, it is going through a very exciting time due to the opportunities offered by new technologies and the challenges and expectations of a rapidly changing society. In order to face this transformation, it is essential to start by listening to people both outside and inside the company, to recognize and foster individual abilities, to help colleagues develop new ideas and to put in place the projects than can help us achieve our ambitious business plan to 2030. So we are facing a very important challenge in the sphere of Italy’s energy transition: carrying forward the electrification of consumption, guaranteeing the flexibility of our networks.”

Francesca De Girolamo, Operation Engineering Manager
A2A Networks and Heat

Corrado and contact with customers

“For me, working in a Life Company means taking care of customers, starting with the real needs of their daily lives but keeping an eye on the future. This means paying particular attention to the environment and to the sustainable choices of families, but also putting innovation at the centre of our digital services and our support and contact channels, from social media to the website. We want to accompany the customer from the phase after acquisition, when it becomes even more crucial to interpret their needs and provide solutions which exceed their expectations. Great respect for customers and clarity of communication are historic values for A2A and continue to guide our decisions. I can sun up my professional challenges for the future as just one, a macro one allow users and customers to connect with us at any time.”

Corrado Mizzoni, Head of Digital Acquisition
A2A Market