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At A2A, we have always been committed to the training and development of our workforce, with the aim of acknowledging its value, thus enhancing the working environment, and of setting out dedicated career development paths for those with talent. This commitment enables the achievement of business objectives and the creation of shared value.

Our system of assessment (performance management), based on a specific managerial model, is central to the definition of development paths in our new people strategy, whose mainstays are:

  • the fostering of an entrepreneurial management culture
  • the recruitment of talented individuals
  • the development of skills
  • the retention of human capital

So as to ensure constant improvement and the development of key capacities, various change management initiatives have been put in place within the context of extensive digital transformation. At the heart of this, there are people and their ability to make a valuable contribution in the achievement of strategic goals.


Induction A2A - Career site

At A2A we believe in listening to and involving everyone, we support our colleagues along their growth path to help them express their skills and potential to the full, providing them with the necessary drivers and tools for their professional development.

Induction A2A is the Group's onboarding program, dedicated to new recruits, which is carried out every year.

The program is an important opportunity for new recruits to learn about the Group and the company environment, to discover the dynamics of the company and to meet their colleagues, so that they can make an active contribution to the challenges of every day.

The program provides for a path of knowledge of the A2A world with specific focus on: People Strategy, the A2A Group and on issues relating to sustainability and inclusion.

It continues with an in-depth look at A2A's business knowledge and the key skills of the future.

The induction process also includes a further step dedicated to Self-Empowerment for young new recruits, to help resources identify stimulating and useful growth objectives for the future, with the aim of gaining awareness of their skills and building a self-development plan shared with management.



With our Call for Ideas initiative, we set the target of bringing out ideas, technological solutions to meet the challenges of the energy transition and of the circular economy on which our 2021-2030 Business Plan is based. Through the Call for Ideas, everybody can play an active part in this change in a logic of Corporate Intrapreneurship. The involvement of employees comes via a dedicated open innovation portal and foresees three phases:

  • gathering of ideas
  • development of ideas
  • final selection

In a final pitch session, points are awarded and the winners announced.

This initiative helps us spread a culture of innovation within the company: the winning ideas will, in fact, be carried forward for industrial development.



The Digital Academy Evolution is a project dedicated to a corporate population of over 7,500 employees and is closely related to the corporate Digital Plan, a strategic factor in the Business Plan. The project provides training paths designed to deliver digital skills and know-how and to exploit the countless possibilities that the digital world can offer within the company and to all of our stakeholders. After an initial mapping of digital skills in the company, the training focusses on three areas of the Digital Plan:

  • Smart collaboration & Virtual communication
  • Digital Mindset
  • Knowledge Networking
  • Customer Experience & Customer Centricity:
  • Data Driven Analysis & Decision Making Cybersecurity

Participants can watch interactive videos, take part in webinars held by external and in-house experts, and dialogue with digital tutors in order to further discuss course content.