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Our recruiting allows candidates to demonstrate their talent in a structured, innovative and increasingly digital context.

We meet candidates who fit our profiles in a selection process organized in the following stages:

  1. receipt of applications through our careers website
  2. initial telephone contact and possible sending of attitudinal tests or the recording of a brief presentation video
  3. individual or group interviews depending on the position applied for, with the possible use of business cases

The candidate will always meet their line manager, a member of the HR team and, for more senior appointments, a higher-ranking staff member from the specific business area.

In the initial phases, we favour remote interviews, and then invite candidates for direct meetings in the final phases of selection. The direct in-person interviews are especially important in the case of technical positions in the field and at our facilities.

The digitalisation of the company is one of the strategic cross-beams of our Industrial Plan to 2030. In our selection processes, we combine traditional and digital approaches, not only to improve and accelerate the experience for candidates, but also to allow everyone to demonstrate their value in different ways, depending on the profile created and on how it is submitted.

Mauro Ghilardi

Chief People and Transformation Officer

Depending on the specific position applied for, there are differing dedicated selection processes:

  • Graduates: we use attitudinal tests and group assessment (currently carried out virtually); we organize career days and selection days involving group and role-play tasks
  • Operational profiles: group interviews and motivational assessment
  • Technical and management profiles: we carefully evaluate skills and problem-solving ability by means of technical interviews and ad hoc business cases.

We are implementing virtual assistant solutions to help candidates through the application process by answering certain pre-screening questions.


We would like to inform candidates that the only A2A contact channel to be regarded as valid for selection purposes is e-mail from company e-mail accounts within the domain
Candidates are asked to disregard all other attempts at contact from non-company e-mail accounts.
The A2A group’s ongoing selection processes are published on the specific page dedicated to “Job opportunities” and on the dedicated application platform. Please also consult the A2A Group’s official Linkedin channel, which contains some postings for which the selection process is open.
Finally, we would like to clarify that A2A does not send employment contracts to candidates who have not completed a selection process.
Please report any suspicious contact attempts by writing to: