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We promote numerous welfare initiatives, which fall into 5 broad areas:

  • health
  • well-being
  • family
  • savings and leisure time
  • conversion of bonus


The health and well-being of the people of the Group are extremely important to us; we consider them to be essential factors in social, economic and personal development, and fundamental elements for the quality of our lives. For this reason, we promote the safeguarding of health and well-being by organizing meetings on specific issues related to prevention and correct lifestyles, and with the distribution of educational material.


Psycho-physical well-being is crucial to being able to deal not only with daily routines but also with the various difficulties that life can present: we believe in the importance of managing to find time and space for talking, listening and receiving support.

A psychological support service is accessible to everyone at A2A, run with full respect for confidentiality and able to provide help with both personal and professional issues.


At A2A, we take care not only of our workforce but also of their families, who can take advantage of services designed to support parenting.

Since 2006, in Brescia, we have been running the Crescere Insieme (Grow Up Together) crèche and nursery school for the children of Group employees. This educational centre takes in children aged 0 to 6 years old, has highly qualified staff and helps to meet the needs of parents thanks to its flexible hours.


We have a number of special arrangements with other companies and a specific portal partnership, offering products at discounted prices and services at special rates.


The Flexible Benefits scheme makes it possible for staff to fully or partly convert their results bonus into welfare credit or have it paid into the Supplementary Welfare Fund, an objective achieved jointly by A2A and trade union representatives.