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Employees development

A2A uses a performance management system which is gradually being extended to increasing sectors of the company’s employees; today, all managers, executives and employees of the Group are assessed.
The new A2A people strategy aims to create a more entrepreneurial managerial culture and develop resources, with the objectives of attracting, developing and retaining the human capital. The table below summarises the strategies and activities for the projects.



Drivers Commitments and guidelines Projects
Organisational culture CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT
Simplify the processes, share best practices within and between the Business Units
The lean thinking methodology aims to optimise the processes and corporate working methods, through a high level of involvement of staff involved at all levels and the progressive development of a business culture focussed on spontaneous, continuous improvement. Following a first pilot phase that started in 2015, in 2016 a second phase was pursued that involved all business units and much of the A2A Group staff areas. More specifically, in 2016, 14 initiatives were started and completed to a degree of 90%: 2 in the Networks and Heat BU, 1 in the Commercial BU, 1 in the Environment BU, 1 in the Generation and Trading BU and the remaining 9 in the staff departments.
Promote the centrality of the employee, the merits, innovation and optimise diversity
Launched in 2015 to promote and help optimise the female component in the company, the project drew to a close mid-2016. In September, implementation instead began of the ideas selected, some of which were flowed into the Alternanza Scuola Lavoro and Futura2a projects, whilst others, like the MAAM project and SmartWorking are described on page 95.
Activate formal and informal listening initiatives on all levels, with different tools and methods
In 2016, once again the quarterly internal magazine SiAMOA2A was published and the project for revising the spaces of the office in via Lamarmora, Brescia and ICT areas of Piazza Trento was pursued, with a view to involving employees and improving quality of life in the office. Moreover, specific communication campaigns were launched for various corporate projects through news, articles in the magazine, videos on the company notice boards, brochures, dedicated blogs and questionnaires.

In February 2016, the initiative began whereby the Chief Executive Officer meets with and gets to know the employees of A2A, investigating projects in progress and sharing Group themes and strategies with them. The CEO met with colleagues from the offices of Sondrio, Grosio, Milan Piazza Trento, Bergamo via Codussi, Bergamo via Suardi, Bergamo via Goltara, Bergamo via Moroni, Brescia Codignole, and Milan Olgettina.

To launch an organic managerial development programme that complies with company priorities and effective needs, launched in 2016 by means of a listening process articulated into interviews with the top management, focus group on 25% of executives and 100% of managers and a survey for the whole population. In 2017, workshops will be held dedicated to the return of evidence and, thereafter, managerial training paths developed starting from the top and middle management, and initiatives in response to the findings.
Optimisation of the company’s silver population
In 2017, projects will be launched to optimise the over 55s, aimed at the transmission and capitalisation of the distinctive competences held.
Free up the energy of the younger members of the Group to drive ideas and change
Project for the Group’s young graduates, which brought together more than 200 innovative ideas onto the dedicated on-line platform. In 2016, the winning idea was developed “From the bill to energy efficiency”  and sites were launched to implement another 9 ideas whose start-up is envisaged in 2017. The process of developing each idea is monitored by a young member of the Group, who interfaces with internal and external experts as well as with the company’s senior management. The ideas developed also include an induction process for new employees called “Virtual Buddy”, for which the pilot project will start in 2017.

In 2016, meetings were held of the younger members of the Networks and Heat Business Unit and corporate staff (ICT, Human resources and External communication).
Optimisation of core competences and requalification MANAGERIAL SKILLS AND REQUALIFICATION
Adjust competences in line with the change to business and strengthen managerial skills
In 2016, the following projects were launched:
  • training for the Networks and Heat BU deriving from the skills mapping carried out in previous years (Accounting Works for Unareti);
  • “The power of water” project for the mapping of the technical-professional competences of employees of the hydroelectric area based in Grosio in the Generation and Trading BU; the project will be extended to the whole area in 2017;
  • master ENVIRONMENT project intended for employees of the HSE structure;
  • training routes for employees of the A2A Smart City company.



For the A2A Group, training is a key tool in stimulating and extending individual skills of its employees.
During the year, 164 thousand hours of training were provided , for an average of 16.8 hours per person, with a peak of 32 hours for middle management. 87.1% of Group employees received training during the year. Approximately 50% of training hours delivered was spent on matters of health and safety.
The investment in training, equal to 1.8 million euros, has declined by 12% on 2015 following a free
market tender whereby a new supplier was identified for the delivery of safety training.



2016 was characterised by an increase in hours (+17%) and participation (+12%) on last year. The increase can be traced to the following training projects:

  • Leadership in Health and Safety (LiHS):
    training event on health and safety at work that involved the employees of the Networks and Heat BU for a total of 3,740 hours and 1,870 participations see also page 90);
  • Lean Management:
    in 2016, 17 training sessions were held for 214 participations and 2,500 training hours;
  • Masters in environmental matters for HSE specialists:
    course aimed at reinforcing environmental knowledge aimed at approximately 60 employees operating in the HSE structures of the individual Group companies. Masters articulated into 7 training sessions for a total of 1250 training hours;
  • HSE profession: training course linked to a change management project for professionals of the Group HSE structures and HSE specialists of the Corporate areas. Approximately 160 employees were involved for 920 training hours. The project will continue in 2017;
  • “Site management” project:
    course dedicated to approximately 600 employees for more than 40 training sessions and 10,500 hours of training so as to realign the role of the professional figures involved in the site management process;
  • Upgrade in ICT competences:
    training aimed at developing and updating the competences on IT Management instruments and methods. Approximately 120 employees, were involved for 6,000 training hours, structured into 35 training sessions.


Bimibi Villacolle Team Building Project

As has now been consolidated for some years now, also in 2016 a team building event was organised for employees with responsible roles in A2A Energia. This year, following a choice made directly by the parties concerned, the event focussed on a social matter: the help to the Associazione Casa Famiglia Villacolle for the
adjustment of a villa abandoned on the mountains of the Liguria inland for its re-use to host - for training and teaching activities - children and teenagers in difficulty. The commitment of approximately 60 managers of A2A Energia regarded activities inside and outside the villa: restoration of spaces, painting, removing of unused
fencing, redoing of the flowerbeds, significantly helping implement the activity.