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Staff development

A2A has always been very attentive to the development of human resources. 
For the Company, in fact, people are at the centre of the processes, and are fundamental in achieving company's objectives and creating shared value. A2A's new people strategy aims to spread a more business-oriented managerial culture focusing on developing resources to attract, enhance and retain its human capital.

ABC project: the ABC Managerial Development project was created to help involve all employees on four key issues, CHANGE, MANAGEMENT, RELATIONS and CLIMATE, to build the new Management model and collaborate in the transformation of A2A. The project, divided into three phases (listening, result feedback and actions for change), has given rise to several initiatives: an ad hoc training course for management, an induction course dedicated to newly hired resources under 35 and e-learning training initiatives on transversal issues.

COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS: in recent years, various projects have been launched for A2A employees, aimed at enhancing their knowledge and skills through training, on-the-job training and transversal experiences.


A2A Group uses training to stimulate and extend the professional skills of its employees. In 2017, 212,956 hours of training were provided, for an average of 18.7 hours per person, an increase of 11.3% compared to 2016. This considerable increase applies particularly for executives and managers and is linked to the Managerial Development Project and to the increase in numbers participating in language courses. 92% of Group employees received training during the past year: this percentage has increased by around 17 percentage points over the past three years. Unlike previous years, investment in training, for around 3 million euro, includes the costs incurred by the other companies of the Group. In 2017, 29 % of training costs were covered by the inter-professional funds.

Some of the main training courses provided in 2017:

  • technical training plan for staff at Unareti, aimed at strengthening skills to meet the challenges of the future; completing the knowledge of staff that have moved from single service responsibility (electricity or gas) to multi-service responsibility (electricity and gas); improving the level of service offered. The course, divided into 300 training sessions, involved approximately 660 employees for a total of 15,600 hours of training;
  • Marketing project: directed towards the Marketing function of the Group and intended to improve technical skills, explore the evolutions of the sector, reference trends and a customer centric approach;
  • “SicurA2A” master course: Security Management course for the security professionals within the Group, for the purpose of protecting the companies from risks that can undermine the security of corporate assets and persons, as well as intangible assets (data); 
  • Environment master course for Sales staff: as part of the “Added Value for Retail Sales Skills” project to develop and redefine the mission of the sales structure and to improve customer focus, a training course was designed to strengthen knowledge on environmental issues.The master course was planned for 23 employees who operate in the Sales area of the companies of the Environment BU and was divided into 6 sessions for a total of approximately 330 hours of training;
  • “A2A Contract Management” course: to illustrate the process of “purchasing cycle” to all partners involved, in order to increase efficiency. Launched in 2017, it will be concluded in early 2018 and is expected to involve approximately 1,150 employees located throughout the country, for a total of 2,300 hours of training.
  • “Category Leader”: Training course on the theme of Category Management Strategic Sourcing provided under the “Polaris” project. Dedicated to a primary group of buyers and managers in Procurement, the course aimed to create a group of Category Leaders dedicated to the development of purchasing strategies for product categories spanning all of the different BUs. The project involved 27 employees, for a total of around 1,000 hours of training.
  • “Find the Risk”: “live” course in the operating environments of the A2A Group with the objective of identifying potential risks and dangers, creating greater awareness and responsibility among employees with regard to duty-related risks.

Legal team building - Together to maintain 

In 2017, a team-building event was held for employees in the Legal area of A2A Group. The participants chose an event with a social purpose: working with Legambiente to restore the Cascina Nascosta in the Parco Sempione in Milan, used to host events and courses organised by Legambiente. The commitment of around 45 employees from the Legal Department helped with the interior and exterior of the farmhouse: whitewashing of some spaces, rebuilding the garden, creating and painting wooden planters, sewing cushions and providing a valuable contribution to the commissioning of the structure.