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Working in the Life Company

What working for a Life Company means

Taking care of the quality of people’s lives is a big responsibility. This is why we look for professionals, for talented individuals who have an ambition to:

  • strive every day to have a positive impact on the environment and contribute in the building of a more sustainable future for everyone
  • foster the spread of a culture based on sustainability, on the generation of value for the community and on listening to people in order to keep the quality of the service high
  • deliver solutions to real problems facing the market and individual people by adopting an open and curious approach to innovation and new technologies

Our added value resides in our ability to create an inclusive and sustainable future for communities and clients, whom we serve through the energy and passion of our people. For us sustainability means also creating a work place that enhances diversity. We believe in listening to and involving everyone and we favour collaboration and growth through professional training, quality experiences and policies that actively support transversal development.

Mauro Ghilardi

Chief People and Transformation Officer

Our motto is Energize People

We believe that the excellence of services is only possible through the development of unrivalled expertise and a strong commitment to ever greater digitalization, both of which are strategic factors in our 2021-2030 Business Plan.

For this reason we foster collaboration and growth by means of an active policy of across-the-board development based on five drivers:

  1. TRAINING: management training and leadership development in a coaching logic; dedicated professional development programmes for talented staff
  2. PERFORMANCE: an extensive performance management platform and constant revision of MBOs and result-based bonuses
  3. WELL-BEING: development of mentoring and of diversity and inclusion projects; constant updating of “new ways of working”
  4. SAFETY: constant updating of HSE programmes
  5. DIGITAL: ending of the digital divide and commitment to improving the digital experience of candidates and of everybody within our Group
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