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About Us

We are a Life Company

Every day, we deal with the environment, water and energy, the conditions necessary for life, our most precious resource. For more than a hundred years, we have been taking care of people’s well-being, providing them with services that are essential in meeting the needs of today’s lifestyles and that respect the principles of long-term sustainability.

On a national scale, we handle the generation, the sale and the distribution of energy, district heating, the collection and recovery of waste, e-mobility and smart services for towns and cities, public lighting and integrated urban water management.

To do this, we are investing in a culture of sustainability shared by both individuals and by communities. We offer our customers, the general public, businesses and institutions the tools which enable them to make choices and to lead a lifestyle that is both responsible and respectful of the future.



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A new vision of the future

The new generations are putting forward a new vision of the world that reconciles the individual and the collective, economy and ecology, local and global. As a Life Company, we have signed up to this vision of the world and undertake to play a leading role in change so as to create an ecosystem in which – thanks to the best technology, to the excellence of services and to the development of a culture which guides each person’s sense of responsibility – it is possible to correctly use and to give back the resources of the environment in which we live, thus improving everyone’s quality of life. In our business model, human, technological, financial and natural capital grow together, in harmony.

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From awareness of our role to a new business plan

The solidity of our presence wherever we operate, combined with the constantly evolving change in services, results in constant growth and renewal which now, more than ever before, requires great flexibility and determination in order to make a real contribution to the sustainable development of Italy and of Europe as a whole. We have committed ourselves to a strategic plan with two cornerstones: the energy transition and the circular economy. We thus want to make a concrete contribution to the achievement of 11 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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