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Covid-19 emergency, services do not stop


With the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency, we immediately introduced concrete assistance schemes for customers and the general public, with a close presence in the areas where we operate.

But, at a time of such uncertainty and gravity, we felt that the most important thing was to ensure the continuity of our services so that everybody could spend their days at home without having to worry about the primary services.

For this reason, our digital and telephonic contact channels have always remained operative. Above all, our work on the ground has never stopped thanks to the professionality of our workforce. Find out how, even in such difficult times, we keep working, in safety, for your town or city.

Ciclo Idrico


Clean water in our homes must always be guaranteed, particularly in the context of a health emergency. This is why network maintenance and pipeline repairs must be carried out quickly so as to resume the service and not waste a precious resource like drinking water.

Did you know that….?

In 2019, we carried out about 3,500 maintenance or repair operations on the pipeline network in the Brescia area in order to ensure people a constant and efficient supply.



Electricity networks


The lockdown could not halt essential activities like the installation of new meters and, above all, the checks needed following reports of anomalies with functioning meters. In the photo, for example, our technicians are doing maintenance work on electricity distribution plant.

Did you know that….?

In a year, in a city like Milan, we carry out about 100 distribution plant maintenance operations, each lasting around three hours.

Gas networks


Guaranteeing the safety of our plant is one of our priorities.

In the photo, for example, our operatives are working on an underground gas pipeline following the request for an emergency response.

Did you know that….?

We perform about 30 maintenance operations every month. Each of these can last as long as a whole day.



District heating


Providing an essential public service for the people of Brescia, whether at a time of particular difficulty or not, means working not only in and around the city but also at our WTE facility in order to guarantee the district heating service and the production of electricity from the energy recovery of waste.

Did you know that….?

In March and April, around 160 GWh of thermal energy was put into the district heating network and over 100 GWh of electricity into the national grid. All this took place in a different working context, which meant that we had to rethink the use of space and change normal operating procedures so as to reduce the risk of infection while ensuring the continuity of the service.


Urban hygiene and waste collection


Waste collection and the collection of bulky waste at road level have continued normally.

Did you know that….?

In Milan, for example, between 2nd March and 19th April, 71,000 tonnes of household waste were collected.

What is more, in March 2020, Milan reported sorted waste collection at 62%, confirming its top ranking in Europe among cities with a population of over a million.

Public lighting


Even though traffic levels obviously decreased, we kept on working to ensure the correct and safe use of our streets through maintenance work that meant we would find all traffic lights functioning properly on our gradual return to normality.

In the photo, our technicians are performing traffic light maintenance and replacing faulty light sources.

Did you know that….?

Every year, in a city like Milan, we replace about 1,800 light sources in sets of traffic lights, with a monthly average of 150 replacements. Each replacement takes about an hour and a half.





Our logistics facilities in Brescia and Milan have played a decisive part in the distribution of PPE and other materials, essential in guaranteeing the continuity of Group activities. Thanks to the availability of resources, the transport network and extraordinary opening hours, our logistics facilities ensured the receipt and distribution of PPE throughout Italy for everybody working in the A2A Group.

Did you know that….?

In March and April alone, the logistics facilities took delivery of and distributed more than 700,000 masks, 20,000 overalls, 150,000 gloves and about 4,500 litres of disinfectant products and hand gel.