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People, energy, the environment, new technologies to design the future. We are a part of your world, every day. We are always working towards building the Città2a: connected and bright, clean and comfortable, efficient and sustainable. Because your city is our city.

Through our excellent services, we aim to develop the territories, and improve people’s quality of life. We generate shared value through a new type of community where information and ideas for the future fuel new sustainable services for the city.

In the Città2a, the economy is circular. Thanks to collective participation in a well-managed recycling system, rubbish becomes resources. It is salvaged to become a new material, or to generate energy and heat, before being redistributed across the territory.

At Città2a, we choose a low-environmental-impact lifestyle. We fuel sustainable mobility and more efficient lighting through renewable energy, illuminating monuments, streets, and public parks.

We develop new technology and solutions, creating smart cities. Sensors, big data, and network infrastructure make research, understanding, and shared knowledge possible. We listen to cities’ needs, and then improve their utilities, safety, and efficiency.

From “smart city” to “smart land”: we help craftsmen and farmers in the area keep pace with the times, whilst maintaining the quality of their work.

Città2a is an ecosystem set for a paradigm shift in energy use, one that streamlines connections amongst market sectors, industries, businesses, and community members, with a view toward generating individual wellbeing and a healthy environment.