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Group Profile



With around 11,400 employees, we are one of the leading Italian multi-utilities, a company that looks to the future with expertise and responsibility, thanks to an industrial model based on diversification and synergy among all corporate activities.

Our Group is a leader in the sector of energy production and sales (with a production mix that focuses on clean sources, which make up 76% of our generated energy), the distribution of electricity and gas and integrated water supply.

We are also Italian leaders in the highly integrated activities of environmental services and district heating, with increasingly green energy production. Within this context, A2A Ambiente plays a fundamental role; a company founded on the basis of the experience and skills acquired by A2A in the environmental sector in Italy and abroad. We focus on research and invest in new IoT (Internet of Things) technology, thanks to which we offer management solutions for smart city services.

Data Update with Report on Operation at 31 dicember 2017.


Dimension of the organisation(*)  2017
Revenues (million €) 5,910
Gross operating income (million€) 1,211
Net result (million€ 706
Net debt (million€) 3,226
Total equity attributable to the Group and minorities (mln€) 3,013
Dividend (€ per share) 0.0578
Average market capitalisation (million€) 4,455
A2A people 11,436
Installed capacity (GW) 9
Electricity produced (GWh) 17,895
Heat distributed with district heating (GWht) 3,133
Waste treated (ktonnes) 3,636
Electricity distributed (GWh) 11,590
Gas distributed (Mcm) 2,480
Water distributed (Mcm) 69

Data Update with Report on Operation at 31 dicember 2017



Our Mission

The results for the 2017 financial year, which include the effects of the full consolidation of the new group acquired, LGH, show a Gross Operating Margin (EBITDA) of 1.21 billion euro, Pre-tax Profit of around 489 million euro and Investments for a total of around 454 million euro, up 17.6% as compared to 2016. These results confirm our commitment to building a new, strongly integrated regional multi-utility model.

We aim to be a Group capable of guaranteeing essential urban services characterized by the highest standards of quality and efficiency thanks to sustainability, regional development and attitude to change.

Our strategy aims to develop a repositioning pathway that will deliver in 2022 a more modern multi-utility, leader in environmental awareness, smart grids and new energy models, more balanced and profitable, able to seize the opportunities that will open up in the Green Economy and in Smart Cities.

Our values

At A2A, we believe in INNOVATION, to build a future made of ideas, research, technology and to face each new challenge with courage.

We work on SUSTAINABILITY, committing ourselves to minimizing the impact of our actions on the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.

We encourage PARTECIPATION, putting people at the heart of what we do and promoting listening, collaboration and sharing of all the experiences that allow us to grow.

We have RESPONSABILITY, which we translate into a commitment to generate value for the future, keeping our promises and accounting for our actions with transparency.

We strive for EXCELLENCE every day, exploiting our expertise to the full with commitment and determination, to ensure the highest quality standards and the certainty of being, even today, right by your side.