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Our Mission

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of our customers, of the general public and of our workforce, with our mindset on the Planet’s future and on the new generations. Every day, we seek to make homes, offices, towns and cities better places in which to open up new opportunities and turn them into projects.

We are promoting the sustainable growth of Italy, guiding its ecological transition. We are making the best possible use of all the energy available, keeping the impact on the environment, on the places where we live, to a minimum. For us, waste does not exist, only value: everything can return to being a resource in the shape of material or energy.

We are investing in new technologies and in the creation of a culture of sustainability in order to be able to deliver services that are increasingly accessible, efficient and inclusive.

Global ambitions, local heart

The European Union has allocated 750 billion euros in the sphere of its Next Generation EU project, designed to help achieve a green and inclusive economy. The overall aim is to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Our renewables development plan (solar and wind) brings forward the phase-out of coal, ahead of the national deadline of 2025.

We are implementing the circular economy especially in waste management, further reducing the percentage that is sent to landfill sites. This commitment is particularly important because, in many parts of the country, there are not enough facilities for the treatment and recovery of waste, more than 20% of which (national average) is currently disposed of in landfills.

By combining courage and concreteness, we pursue challenging sustainability objetives and economic growth targets that are very important for the Group, which faces the European market. Our new model is a shared vision of the world that is sustainable and respectful of the future, to which we want to make our contribution every day.

Renato Mazzoncini

CEO and managing director

Our Strategy

A strategic plan for the first time covering a 10-year period, a workforce of over 12,000 and solid financial performance is making it possible for us to broaden our horizons to the whole of Italy and to the rest of Europe.

Sustainability is our compass, at the centre of our everyday activities and our investment plan: 18 billion euros to 2030, with two mainstays:

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We are generating new resources in the shape of materials and energy, and we are reducing wastage so as to safeguard the planet and protect the environment.


We are developing production and fostering the use of green energy by speeding up decarbonization and encouraging the electrification of consumption.

Our role in the market

In our two main areas of investment to 2030, we are today playing a leading role in the marketplace:

Circular Economy

  • 1st operator in Italy in the treatment of waste (by tonnes of waste treated)
  • 1st operator in Italy for the recovery of energy from urban waste (by GWh of energy recovered)
  • 1st operator in Italy for district heating (by m3 heated)
  • 9th operator in Italy for integrated urban water management (by % of population served


Energy Transition

  • 2nd operator in Italy (by electricity distributed)
  • 2nd operator in Italy for generation (by total installed capacity)
  • 2nd operator in Italy (by installed capacity from renewable energy sources: hydro-electric, solar, bioenergy)
  • 4th operator in Italy (by electricity sold)

Our peers are the main listed utilities that operate in the energy sector on a national or on a local basis: Enel, Acea, Hera, Iren, Ascopiave.