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Integrated Annual Results

2020 brought many unforeseeable challenges, which we rose to by continuing, with all of our services, to take care of our workforce and of the communities of our towns and cities.

Well aware of our role, we have given life to a new strategy built on solid foundations: we are a Life Company that invests so as to improve the quality of people’s lives and that contributes to the green transformation of Europe.

The beginning of a new era for A2A

Preparation, planning and continuous investment: this is what enabled us to get through 2020 with positive economic results and to start up a new era with a 10-year investment plan exceeding €16 billion. Look through the full documentation and discover how our “decade of action” is getting under way.

Vision and strategy to meet the challenges of 2020

2020 was the year when we laid the foundations for the Group’s future. A year which we tackled by creating Crisis Committees and drawing up a Recovery Plan, which made it possible for us to overcome the challenges and continue to grow and to plan the new positioning of the Group as a Life Company.

The first step towards the future: Investments for the relaunch

Our “Decade of action” opens with a 10-year investment plan for the financing of projects in line with the SDGs of the UN Agenda and the green relaunch of Europe. In 2020, what was already a substantial increase in investments, compared to 2019, became even more significant because many of the projects involved were coherent with these principles, confirming our commitment to sustainable development. 

Sustainability even more important in 2020

Even in a year of emergency, we managed to better our sustainability performance and focus our activities on the two mainstays of our Strategic Plan, without forgetting the involvement of the communities in which we operate and of our human resources.

Building on solid foundations: performance, investments and external growth

Our external growth and the expansion of our role in the sphere of the energy transition and the circular economy can be grounded on solid financial performance.

2020 figures

Il nostro futuro green: Economia Circolare e Transizione Energetica


We have created a 10-year development plan to increase the generation of energy from renewable sources, solar and wind. We will carry forward the electrification of consumption, promoting the responsible behaviour of our customers. By following the principles of the circular economy, we will develop new plants for the recovery of material and energy from waste, and we will multiply investments in the water cycle and in district heating so as to reduce leakage and to recover thermal waste.

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