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Cogenerative and thermal plants

The cogeneration of electrical energy and heat permits a saving of primary energy resources compared to separate production. The use of heat pump technology, incorporated within the cogeneration plants making use of ground water as a source of renewable heat, allows a further reduction in fuel consumption.

We have cogeneration plants powered by natural gas and/or coal and fuel oil. In these systems simple boilers are also installed so as to meet peak level thermal demands and/or replacement of cogeneration units should these be out of action. In some plants a groundwater heat pump water section is also installed. In some cases, finally, there are only boilers (heating systems).

The result is a plant system to serve the citizens, where the low environmental impact is obtained by optimising both renewable sources and technology with low emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, there is a district-heating network, whose widespread distribution of heat in the cities permitted boilers to be switched off, reducing emissions into the atmosphere in the surrounding urban area.

Our Group designs, manufactures and implements district heating in the cities of Milan, Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Novate (MI), Cassano d'Adda (MI), Brescia, Bovezzo (BS), Concesio (BS), Bergamo and Varese .

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