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Hydroelectric plants

Hydroelectric energy is clean and renewable energy derived from water, an element continuously renewing following its natural cycle and represents, for the production of energy, one of the main resources alternative to fossil fuels.

Among renewable sources, we favoured water both by tradition, and because hydroelectric energy is highly rated, not only in terms of production flexibility, but also in terms of economic sustainability. We know how water is an indispensable source for development and growth and because of this awareness, operates on a day-to-day basis, such that its use is constantly accompanied by proper management together with protection and preservation activities.

Our hydroelectric plants are both run-of-river, thus utilising directly the flow of a river course, and accumulation, that is, by use of a dam that collects water upstream of the plants. A substantial number of these plants is included in areas of high natural value such as the Stelvio National Park and the Sila National Park. 100% of the installed hydroelectric energy capacity has the ISO 14001 certificate.

For our Group, hydroelectric energy accounts for a significant proportion of its production, being developed mainly in Italy between Lombardy and Calabria.

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