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Waste integrated cycle

The plants cover the entire phase of the waste integrated cycle, which includes collection, treatment and storage.

A2A Ambiente designs and manages the Intelligent Transfer Stations (ITS®), plants that recovers the residual fraction of urban solid waste after segregated waste collection.

It manages material treatment and recovery plants:

  • several special waste treatment plants
  • the glass recovery plant in Asti (Italy) which treats glass-based waste derived from segregated collection and processes the product in accordance to Reg. 1179/2012
  • the waste washing plants, mainly devoted to waste deriving from road sweeping and aimed at the recovery of inert materials, such as sand and gravel, after removal of any pollutants.

In addition, for about 1% of waste treated it uses several controlled landfills for solid urban or special waste that can be processes with municipal waste, as well as other landfills that the Group has in post-operations management
Biogas energy recovery and consequent production of energy is performed in all landfills. Biogas is generated from the biological activity present in landfills and in sludge "digesters" at the wastewater treatment plant. We intercepts and recovers it to produce electricity or heat, often used to meet the energy needs of the plant.

Intelligent Transfer Stations (ITS®)

The Intelligent Transfer Stations (ITS®) are plants designed to recover the residual fraction of solid urban waste after segregated collection.

This result is achieved by means of a simple and innovative process patented by A2A Ambiente: the Biocubi® (Bio-cubes) process.

The ITS® are inserted into an integrated system that, according to local needs, may include:

  • a refining section for the production of high-quality secondary fuel of to be used as an alternative to traditional fuels
  • an activatable bioreactor: a single-product controlled landfill aimed at biogas recovery for energy enhancement
  • the WTE dedicated to the valuation of fuel produced
  • A recycling material recovery section.

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Treatment and storage plants

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Controlled landfills and bioreactors

The waste landfill is a place where all solid urban waste and waste deriving from human activities are deposited in an uncontrolled manner.

Activable bioreactors are controlled landfills from which the production of biogas can be initiated, which is then sent to the energy exploitation stations for transformation into electricity.


For details click on the name of the plant (Only italian version).