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Water integrated cycle

Integrated water cycle refers to the management of three services: water supply network, the sewerage system and water treatment.

Management of the water network supply includes uptake and supply of drinking water, including water purification and drinking water treatment actions where necessary.
The drinking water supplied comes from spring water and water wells.

Water supply is provided to the Municipalitie of Brescia and several municipalities throughout the province.

In Brescia and its province, the water supplied is drawn from 188 springs and 175 wells.

The sewerage system consists of gathering and collection of reflux waters from the water treatment plants. In the treatment plant, reflux water is treated to eliminate pollutants to ensure that its quality is in line with environmental protection standards in the areas to which they are returned.
The plant in Verziano (Brescia) have been development to treat reflux water of the municipality of Brescia, which are connected to the sewerage networks in the city, and can treat an equivalent of 250 thousand inhabitants.

Moreover, we manages water treatment plants in several municipalities of the province of Brescia, and the sewerage system in Brescia, and some municipalities in both provinces.
The service is managed directly by the group leader company.

The Brescia network is made up of:

  • 2.186 km of piping
  • 221 uptake stations
  • a water network made up of 50 drainage canals that are almost completely covered


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