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District heating Networks

Our Group is active in the production, distribution and sale of heating in Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and in other outer city suburbs of Brescia and Milan. Heat production derives mainly from cogeneration plants of Lamarmora (Brescia), Goltara and Carnovali (Bergamo) Milan-Tecnocity, Milan-Famagosta, from the plant at Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), from the thermoelectric plant at Cassano d'Adda and by Waste-to-energy plants in Brescia and Figino (Milan).

We are engaged furthermore in the realisation of new projects linked to the development of district heating networks within the territory of the Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Novara municipalities.

The distribution and the sale are effected by A2A Calore&Servizi.


  Length of Network (twin piping) Users connected Volume connected
Bergamo area km 65,6 n. 518 Mm3 5,8
Brescia area km 663,9 n. 20.634 Mm3 41,8
Milan area km 263,9 n. 2.945 Mm3 42,4
Total km 993,4 n. 24.097 Mm3 90,0


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Gas networks

The distribution of gas is handled by the Group company Unareti S.p.A.

Born following the merger of the companies ASM RETI and AEM GAS, already forming part of the Group, following up the programme of acquisitions and mergers started in 2002, A2A Reti Gas is today an important player in the national gas market.

It handles gas distribution plants in different regions of Italy: Abruzzo, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Molise, Piedmont and Trentino Alto Adige.

The activities of A2A Reti Gas consist of the planning, realisation and operation of plants and distribution networks and are directed towards consolidation and territorial diffusion as regards the principles of environmental sustainability.

213 Municipalities served for a total of 7,650 km network handled and approx. 2.000 million cm of gas distributed annually.


Electricity networks

The distribution of electrical energy is handled by the Group company Unareti S.p.A.

A2A Reti Elettriche Spa was born following the merger of the two companies of the A2A Group, AEM Distribuzione Energia Elettrica S.p.A. and ASM Distribuzione Elettricità S.r.l., and guarantees a service of distribution of electrical energy to over a million customers at high, medium and low voltage, supplying more than 12.000 GWh annually.

It is present in the provinces of Milan and Brescia and in 59 municipalities dispersed within the Milan suburbs and in the areas of Lago di Garda and Valsabbia.
It handles more than 12,000 km of network distribution at high, medium and low voltage with 58 primary and substations and more than 8,300 secondary stations.