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Solar energy systems

The sun is our primary natural source of energy and enormous potential for exploitation if we consider that the solar energy reaching Italian territory is equivalent to approximately 200-250 times our annual national energy needs.


The systems that use solar radiation to produce electricity or thermal energy, depending on the solar absorption system used, are known as solar energy systems. In the former case, they rely on photovoltaic energy cells, whereas in the latter thermal collectors are used.

Consistent with the strategic plan and with the international targets in the fight against climate change, we began to invest in renewable sources in 2017 through the deployment of innovative experiments and seizing market opportunities with targeted acquisitions. A2A Rinnovabili, a Group company that controls all the companies that hold photovoltaic plants acquired on the secondary market, acquired two additional plant portfolios in 2018 (IMPAX and Talesun) for a total of 59 MW, reaching an overall installed capacity of 94W and estimated annual production of around 65 GWh.

Ground-based plants account for 63% of the assets, the remaining 37% are plants installed on the roofs of industrial clients. During 2018, a partnership was launched with the Talesun Group, among the leading global operators in the solar field, which gave rise to a special purpose vehicle company called “758AM Srl”, for the development of new greenfield solar plants. In addition, A2A Rinnovabili was awarded the tender for the construction of a 10.5 MW photovoltaic plant on the sheds of the Rho Fiera exhibition to supply the utilities below.

Other plants, for an overall power of around 0.15 MWp, have been installed on corporate buildings with various uses, for example, the company nursery in Brescia, some offices in Brescia and Bergamo and the Casa dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente, the headquarters of the Fondazione AEM and a teaching centre.