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Each and every day, we distribute electricity and natural gas to all kinds of consumers across our networks, from household consumers to small businesses to major industrial players. By joining expertise to infrastructure, and thanks to the synergy we create at a management level, we can ensure service excellence for our customers.

As a business, our roots to the reference territories run deep. We speak our stakeholders’ language, making us a trusted partner for local growth and development.

We invest in both research and new technologies so that we can respond properly to an industry that is constantly evolving.
Powered by our infrastructure, and strengthened by our ties to the local communities, we hope to build a new type of city, one centred around the individual.

At each stage of distribution, our field-tested, proven technologies have set the standard of practice in Europe, not only in Italy. Both for electrical distribution and natural-gas distribution, our operations include customised services - these too have made technological strides thanks to the use of smart metres.


Unareti is the only company in A2A Group to offer networked services. Unareti distributes electricity and natural gas throughout Bergamo, Brescia, and Milan.
We strive for sustainability, excellence in our results, knowledge expansion, determination, responsibility, team spirit, innovation, and focussing our attention on the impact our choices have on the environment and on the community. We use only the best available technology for our operations.

We have launched an intensive programme to replace the electric metres for our customers over the next few years. This plan will allow us to optimise the management of our networks, and to provide our customers a tool to allow them to be more conscientious in their consumption, and to make targeted choices in terms of their utility use.

€1.8 billion

in company assets

2.4 million

accounts served


kilometres of grid



public service and unbundling

Distribution of natural gas and electrical energy constitute a public service, one that is operated in accordance with the tenets of neutrality and transparency with respect to the vendors, as well as efficient management, with a view toward reducing costs, and consequently lowering the price the end customer pays.

Distribution is an activity regulated by ARERA (Law no. 481 of 14 November 1995). National regulations (Legislative Decree no. 79/1999, electricity, and Legislative Decree no. 164/2000, natural gas), which propelled the deregulation of the natural-gas and electrical market in Italy, in implementation of EC Directives nos. 96/92/EC and 98/30/EC (incorporated into Italian law for the electrical industry thanks to the provisions of Law-Decree no. 73/07, converted into Law no. 125/07) mandated a division between companies distributing natural gas and electricity from other businesses operating in the natural gas and electrical industry.

More recently, in its Resolutions nos. 11/2007, 231/2014/R/com, 296/2015/R/com and 137/2016/R/com (as subsequently amended), ARERA required “unbundling”, that is, the division of operations, administration, and accounting with respect to the distribution of natural gas and electricity.