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The future of transport is e-mobility: better air quality, zero CO2 emissions, and quieter vehicles.
We have positioned ourselves as a partner for the move towards electric transportation, as well as for car-sharing companies, automobile manufacturers, and the public administration.

Since 2010, we have been developing a network of recharging station for two-, three-, and four-wheeled vehicles, all 100% fuelled by renewable energy.

Our E-moving circuit is now available in Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Rovato (BS), Sondrio, Morbegno (SO) e Tirano (SO) with a total of approximately 500 recharging stations


We manage the most intensive urban network in Milan, and the most diversified in terms of available outlets and voltages: 20 Quick Charge stations (two prong up to 22 kW of AC), 28 bars of battery power for four-wheeled vehicles, and 13 Fast Charge (for quick charges at 50 kW) installed thanks to a partnership with Nissan and the Municipality of Milan (with one station at the Linate Airport).

The service has been available in Brescia since 2011, with a network made up of 19 Quick Charge stations positioned in strategic points across the city and at the parking lot of Brescia Mobilità (BS)

Valtellina has three active Quick Charges, located in Tirano, Sondrio, and Morbegno.

In 2019, we launched a network of electric-car recharging stations in Bergamo, made up of 32 stations (8 Fast Charge and 24 Quick Charge), 8 of which have Bergamo WiFi coverage.

Over the next few months, our network will extend to other municipalities.



for citizens and communities

View the entire recharging network at or download the “E-moving” app.

Our systems provide a key contribution to the rise of car sharing, thanks to the development and management of dedicated recharging infrastructure. In 2017 we inaugurated the largest hub to recharge our company fleet (currently over 100 electric-vehicles strong, counting both cars and vans).

Our services, regardless of customer type, range from cost-effective technical consultancy to installation, distribution, management, and maintenance of the recharging system. We also provide customer support, reporting, and digital services.

Discover what we have to offer in terms of electric transport for companies, car sharing services, automobile manufacturers, the public administration, and households, at


A2A E-moving is our app dedicated to electric mobility

Click here to view the A2A recharging stations to “fill up” your electric car. Once you've signed up for an E-moving subscription, you will have unlimited recharges through A2A's Quick Charge and Fast Charge options.