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We provide support as an ESCo and technology partner for area businesses as they seek greater efficiency. We offer energy diagnostics and audits, design and implementation of programmes through Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), operating leases, supports for implementing procedures to incentivise sustainable energy use, and Energy Management operations.

Opportunities and tools

ENERGY AUDITS: analysis of the distribution of utilities, and assessments of the best programmes for energy efficiency

ENERGY EFFICIENCY CREDITS (EEC): preparing and submitting eec grants, optimising the value generated through trading on the market

THERMAL ACCOUNT (TA): access to the thermal account, which incentivises energy efficiency and the production of heat energy from renewable sources

NATIONAL STRATEGIC PLAN FOR BUSINESS 4.0: access to incentives contemplated for investments in innovation and digitalisation of industrial processes

ENERGY MANAGEMENT: identifying critical areas within the production line, and allowing companies to take a proactive stance in terms of efficiency through in-depth energy management efforts, which services including the dispatch of staff onsite, and through outsourcing to specialised firms.

ENERGY PERFORMANCE CONTRACT (EPC):  funding, design, and implementation of energy efficiency programmes through energy performance contracts (EPC), in which a minimum of shared energy performance is ensured, thereby generating energy savings, and monitoring/analysing energy costs through a dedicated platform, some offering a “turnkey” option.

A2A Energy solutions


A2A Energy Solutions is the A2A Group business positioned as a provider of energy-savings solutions, sustainability, and comfort for businesses, condominiums, the public administration, and individual consumers.

A2A Energy Solutions is a consultant specialised in energy efficiency and, in metropolitan areas, a provider of services that promote the logic of smart cities and sustainable transport with the objective of creating a sustainable urban environment with greater visibility.

The company’s goal is to create a healthier environment through its own operational capacity, innovative technologies, and the expertise of its own personnel, responding to customer needs, and assessing customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis.