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Energy recovery

In a circular economy system, waste-to-energy facilities have the function of obtaining electrical and thermal energy from waste that is not profitably recyclable as material.

Waste-to-energy systems are the final step in a virtuous cycle of waste management. Energy recovery from waste, carried out in high-performance energy-efficient facilities and using innovative incineration fume purification systems, has environmental advantages, enables the saving of energy resources and makes it possible to keep to a minimum the use of landfills for the disposal of non-recyclable waste.

Energy from waste

Waste, after having passed stringent checks on arrival at the facility, undergoes the WTE incineration process. In the combustion chamber, the fumes gradually release their thermal energy, transforming water into super-heated steam that is piped to the turbine set for the production of electricity.

In the case of co-generation facilities, the heat generated by combustion is used to produce hot water that is distributed under pressure along underground pipes to buildings connected to the district heating network.

Maximum protection of the environment

At every WTE facility, there is a state-of-the-art control room with a highly efficient automated system that checks thousands of parameters related to the plant’s functioning. The most advanced technologies are used, guaranteeing the greatest possible protection of the environment in terms of the levels of emissions into the air, liquid discharges, solid waste, noise and traffic of waste transport vehicles.

A2A Ambiente

We are an integrated operator in environmental services with a plant profile that is unmatched in Italy, specialized in WTE waste recovery technology. We plan, deliver and manage collection systems and plant for the sorting, the treatment and the transformation of waste into materials or energy that can be put back into the production and consumption cycles. Our plant provides an outstanding level of reliability, innovation, safety and environmental performance.
We carry out research activity aimed at identifying new technologies, with pilot installations and joint projects with industrial partners.