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Power generation

We guarantee the flexibility and efficiency required to meet Italy’s various energy needs thanks to the meticulous diversification of the energy supply sources, the technology used and the geographical distribution of our plants.

The main development targets in the field of generation envisage a portfolio of greener plants and the consolidation of A2A as the provider of adequacy and flexibility to the system.

Specifically, regarding the aim of boosting the environmental sustainability of the portfolio, in line with the international targets for combatting climate change and the process of energy transition, substantial investments have been allocated for the development and growth of energy production from renewable sources.

The resources have been focused on photovoltaic generation through the acquisition of ground and roof installations on the secondary market but a further increase is planned of the A2A Group’s renewable energy sources through the greenfield development of new solar plants and also through operations of external growth based on other renewable energy sources (for example, wind power).

From the perspective of the constant efforts to gradually reduce emissions, major reconversion projects of the thermoelectric plants based on coal and heavy fuel oil are under study.

Finally, regarding the aim of becoming a leader in services of adequacy and flexibility in the electricity system, new interventions will be made in the coming years on combined-cycle gas plants, already highly efficient, in order to obtain even greater flexibility and further optimise their technical performance.

Moreover, in response to the growing need for peak capacity, new innovative services of flexibility will be tested with the implementation of avant-garde technologies for new energy models in the service of the electricity system, such as storage and synchronous compensators (projects already underway).

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