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Material recovery

The shortage of natural resources and the growing need to safeguard the eco-system make it increasingly important to move as quickly as possible to a circular economy model in which everything that can be recovered is re-used, repaired, shared and recycled as material while everything that cannot be recovered is transformed into energy.

Transforming waste into resources

We manage facilities for the treatment, recycling, recovery and disposal of waste. Every type of material undergoes a specific process inside dedicated units.

In our treatment facilities, we recover 80% of the volume of sorted waste, processing over a million tonnes of glass, paper, plastic, street sweepings and organic waste.

From waste to product

The circular economy model is in a constant state of evolution. We have also started integration downstream of the entire process, in the segment of the so-called secondary raw materials.

The first example are the ashes produced in the WTE process that become porcelain stoneware tiles. From waste to product is the new challenge of the circular economy.

A2A Ambiente

We are an integrated operator in environmental services. We follow the entire waste management value chain, from collection systems to plant for sorting, for treatment and for material and energy recovery.

We plan, develop and manage facilities for the sorting, treatment and transformation of waste into materials, thus putting it back into the production and consumption cycles. We have an array of plant that is unrivalled in terms of reliability and innovation, safety and environmental performance.

We carry out research activities aimed at identifying new technologies, with pilot installations and joint projects with industrial partners.