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Water cycle

On a daily basis, we bring potable water into people's homes, ensure proper management up and down the water cycle, from procurement to distribution to capturing wastewater, and water purification. We have over one hundred years of history and expertise. Our customers know we are a trusted and reliable partner to our customers.

We are constantly making investments to ensure that our networks stay efficient, and to ensure continuity and an excellent service.

A2A Ciclo Idrico

A2A Ciclo Idrico is the A2A Group company that ensures an integrated water cycle (aqueduct, sewers, and purification) in the Municipality of Brescia, as well as in most of the province.

Our production sources include 175 wells, 188 sources and springs; we distribute approximately 49 million cubic metres a year through a development network running 3,546 kilometres.

We also manage the storm sewers for both Brescia as well as the municipalities served within its province, made up of 2,186 Km of grid and 221 pumping stations.  Our greatest impact in terms of wastewater treatment is in Verziano (Brescia), which has a treatment capacity to serve up to 250,000 inhabitants.

Over the next few years we will be involved in a major investment programme aimed at creating new aqueduct and storm-sewer networks. This will allow us to provide full coverage to the areas we serve, and to improve our service by making it more efficient.