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Sustainable innovation

Thanks to collaboration between the various companies in the A2A Group, as well as the integration of the various competencies, we are working today to set the foundation for a new model of comfortable and efficient cities, the CittA2A.

The integrated projects, created within the Group, stand out for a strong emphasis on experimentation, research, innovation and sustainability: from electric mobility to the creation of innovative energy management systems and installations; from Iot (Internet of Things) technology for smart cities to improved water quality. We are also working on coordinating activities and collaborating with other companies, on the national and international level.

Innovation by the A2A Group aims to create solid advantages for citizens and territories through targeted projects, as well as to offer future prospects for broader scenarios and opportunities both for cities and for markets.


Be it generating and managing energy, or the information that cities offer, our INNOVATION is SUSTAINABLE because it always returns to circulation.


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