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The objective

We choose the objective to test and install an energy management system capable to integrate the different aspect connected to an evolved concept of electric grids in a smart manner.

Energy efficiency of building, innovative generation from renewable sources and energy accumulation, smart recharging systems for electric vehicles and hybrid communication technologies: the solutions which are applied and integrated in a smart system for an optimal management of energy are these.


The completed project

A2A’s R&D office, with the participation of Politecnico di Milano, Università di Brescia and other 10 companies located in Lombardy, lead the working group of the S.C.U.O.LA. project. - Smart Campus as Urban Open Lab which started its testing on three sites: two university seats and one private household- The core of the project is the electric system which becomes smarter and capable to offer new services to the users, through innovative communication, control and management systems. For example, it is possible to adjust the electric vehicle recharging service, so to avoid that the contractual meters of the meter are exceeded in case of start of further loads or also to increase the recharging power over the contracted one, in case of availability of the excess energy from photovoltaic sources over the domestic need.