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Innovation projects

Strategy guides our innovation projects

The world is in a state of continuous evolution and technology offers an increasingly vast range of possibilities. We are committed to keeping pace with the times and anticipating the sector’s macro-trends, pushing constantly ahead towards innovation, digitalization and the optimization of processes.

Our innovation projects fall into two spheres of activity: energy transition and circular economy, the mainstays of the A2A business plan for the next 10 years.

Wearable robotics for waste collection and management operatives, drones used for the inspection of our hydro-electric and thermo-electric facilities, artificial intelligence for the sorting of waste material. These are just some of the enabling technologies included in our innovation projects. The areas of application are numerous but have the same guiding light and embrace three macro-objectives: 

  • to improve workplace safety for our staff
  • to optimize times and costs
  • to maximize sustainability (in terms of CO2 saved and of a reduction in energy wastage).

Circular Economy

Innovation is at the core of aims to achieve an increasingly virtuous circular economy. Through the re-use, reconditioning and recycling of existing materials, the life-cycle of a product can be extended, helping to keep waste to a minimum. The introduction of new technologies and innovative business models are important drivers that can enable us to extract value from what had traditionally been seen as waste.

Innovation projects for the Circular Economy  

Energy Transition

The energy transition is a process that involves the production of clean energy, sustainable mobility, the electrification of consumption and other projects oriented towards sustainability and a lesser environmental impact. 
Technological innovation is a key enabler in achieving a zero-emission future, encouraging companies to implement new technologies and move towards the use of renewable energy.

Innovation projects for the Energy Transition