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Strengthening 2030 objectives by boosting our commitment to sustainability

The updating of our Strategic Plan 2021-2030 foresees the increase of all economic objectives, investments and sustainable economic value: 18 billion euros of investment over 10 years (+2 billion compared to the previous Plan) of which 39% allocated to the Circular Economy and 61% to the Energy Transition. The Group commitment within the sphere of sustainability is strong: 90% of investments contribute to the sustainability goals set out by the United Nations (UN SDGs), while about 70% of overall investments fall within the category of sustainable investments in line with the criteria identified by EU Taxonomy. Around 70% of these investments relate to regulated or contractualized business.

Growth in terms of EBITDA is even more ambitious than that indicated in the previous Plan, rising from approximately 1.4 billion euros in 2021 to about 2.9 billion euros in 2030. Group EBITDA in 2020 amounted to 1.2 billion euros, with 2020-2030 CAGR thus at 9%.


Cumulative CAPEX | €B, 2021-30



EBITDA and investments grow compared to the previous Plan


Cumulative CAPEX and M&A | €B



Main economic-financial objectives

The development of marginality is well balanced, not only between the various Business Units (Energy, Waste and Smart Infrastructures) but also in terms of the timescales. Growth is already expected to start in the early years of the Plan with EBITDA increasing to 1.60 billion euros in 2023 compared to the 1.4 billion of 2021.

Group net profit, too, without non-recurring items, is set to grow steadily, increasing from the 335 million euros of 2021 to about 780 million euros in 2030 (+9% annual yearly growth).

EBITDA (€B) 1.2 ~1.4 1.40-1.45 ~1.60 ~2.08 ~2.90
Group’s Net Income1 (€M) 335 ~400 330-370 >400 ~500 ~780
  2020 2021 2022 2023 2026 2030
Dividend per share (€c) 8 ≥8.2 ≥8.5 ≥8.7 CAGR ≥3%

Notes: (1) excluding non-recurring items

Our Business Unit

All of our Business Units are contributing with concrete action to the implementation of the Plan in line with its two mainstays: the circular economy and the energy transition.
Of the 18 billion euros of total investment planned for the 2021-2030 ten-year period, the Energy BU will receive approximately 7 billion euros (39% of the total), the Waste BU about 5 billion euros (28% of the total) and the Smart Infrastructures BU about 6 billion euros (33% of the total).

Energy Business Unit

The EBITDA of the Energy Business Unit is expected to double from 0.6 billion euros in 2021 to 1.2 billion euros in 2030, mainly thanks to the contribution of new RES capacity (+3.9 GW compared to 2020) and to the growth of the customer base (with a Group customer increase from around 2.9 million in 2021 to over 5.4 million in 2030), also following the end of the protected market. Furthermore, investment is foreseen in flexibility and in the starting up of a new high-efficiency CCGT plant, functional to guaranteeing security and flexibility for the national network in the important phase of transition to renewables.


Cumulative CAPEX | €B, 2021-30

Notes: (*) developments include 1.4 €B of M&A



Waste Business Unit

The growth of the Waste Business Unit is driven by both the construction and the acquisition of treatment facilities aimed at completing the waste cycle and at the boosting of the recovery of material and energy. The operational marginality (EBITDA) is expected to grow from 0.3 billion euros in 2021 to 0.85 billion euros in 2030.

Cumulative CAPEX | €B, 2021-30

Notes: (*) developments include 1.4 €B of M&A


Smart Infrastructures Business Unit

In the Smart Infrastructures Business Unit, EBITDA will see growth from the 0.5 billion euros of 2021 to 0.89 billion euros in 2030. The important investments planned will serve mainly for the development of the electricity network (2030 EBITDA at 235 million euros), for water cycle operations (2030 EBITDA at around 140 million euros) and for the further development of district heating (2030 EBITDA of over 220 million euros). The e-mobility sector will be strengthened too, with the ambition to become one of Italy’s top three charging point operators: in 2030, in fact, the A2A Group will hold an overall market share in Italy of between 15% and 20%, with more than 24,000 charging points as a result of investments amounting to more than 0.3 billion euros. The 2030 EBITDA associated with this business will be 80 million euros.

Cumulative CAPEX | €B, 2021-30

Notes: (*) developments include 0.03 €B of M&A


Strategic Plan Update 2021-2030

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