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ESG themes for investors

ESG sustainability themes (Environmental, Social and Governance) lead A2A long-term investments and underlie the 2021-2030 Strategic Plan. A2A is a Life Company as it concretely invests in sustainability by putting circular economy and energy transition at the center of its strategy for the future of people and planet.

Care for people in the company and in territories, attention to cyber security and data protection are key elements for our sustainable growth. A sound corporate governance, also thanks to a conscious risk taking, ensures the creation of sustainable value in the long-term. Moreover the constant dialogue with investors is a key source


Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is the first industrial macro-trend of A2A Strategic Plan at 2030 – 6 billion euros of dedicated investments. The growing commitment to the closure of the waste and water cycles, as well as to the recovery of heat otherwise lost, makes A2A a key player in the environmental sustainability field.

Energy Transition

The Energy Transition is the second industrial macro-trend of A2A Strategic Plan at 2030 – 10 billion euros of investments dedicated to decarbonization and electrification of consumption. Main strategic actions are the acceleration in renewable capacity growth – both at Italian and European levels, the support to the flexibility of the electric system, resilient and digitalized electricity networks, the expansion of the customer base.


Human capital development and diversity

Human capital plays a relevant role for A2A in order to enable its growth at 2030.

A2A is adopting a new operating model to enhance the skills and promote diversity of all its employees.

Three keywords will help us reach our goals: collaboration, responsibility and care.

Cyber Security and Data protection

The digitization trend is now offering many development opportunities. On the other hand, new social threats and risks have risen, deriving from the vulnerability of information infrastructures. We all use internet to work and socialize and we are exposed to the related risks. Cyber security doesn’t mean only data protection, but also people care.

A2A is committed to ensure data protection for employees, customers and all its stakeholders, thus guaranteeing business security and continuity.

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Key Governance Reporting

A2A is very committed to good practices in Corporate Governance, a key dimension in order to ensure a long-term sustainable value for investors. Among the topics, the remuneration policy plays a fundamental role.
In 2016 A2A launched a structured engagement activity with main Proxy Agencies - including ISS Governance, Glass Lewis e Frontis Governance (Partner of Proxinvest), which provide institutional investors with vote recommendations on the Shareholders’ Meeting agenda. In 2021 three Proxy Agencies published a report on A2A before the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Enterprise Risk Management

A sound Corporate Governance is also based on a conscious risk taking, coherent with the mission and risk tolerance of the company.

Enterprise Risk Management model is building a framework to support the top management both in the risk profile assessment and in the definition of the strategies of risk management and mitigation initiatives, in order to get a more efficient allocation of resources