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Human capital development and diversity

A2A takes care of people and territories by setting ambitious sustainability targets at 2030. The Strategic Plan foresees 6,000 direct hirings, thus generating indirect hirings for about 30,000 FTE per year, and a new operating model aimed at simplifying the processes and further enhancing the value of people.

Our goals for human capital development

We plan to reach 30% of women in managerial positions, 40% in Group companies’ boards.

All the employees will be assigned formalized objectives, agreed with trade unions.

Moreover, A2A is strongly committed to ensure the well-being of employees by reducing the Group injury index, as well as by involving all employees in health improvement programs.

Finally, we wish to include all disabled employees in improvement processes

Notes: (1) fi x si (frequency index x severity index) - (2) cumulative man year 2021-30 indirectly generated through investments and external

Reference SDGs

A2A new operating model and new actions for people

A2A new operating model is based on a huge simplification through the reduction of the BU number from 5 to 3: The Generation and Market BUs will merge into the new Energy BU; the International BU has been already included in the other BUs, following the current evolution of the domestic market towards a larger European scale.

Decentralization plays a relevant role to ensure the growth acceleration: the responsibilities for business development and operational efficiency will be transferred to each Business Unit.

Furthermore, the digitization of work activities and the definition of tailored paths for the development of key competences will significantly contribute to the construction of the new operating model.

To sum up, A2A of the future will be a smarter company with a lighter Corporate and a higher Business Unit empowerment, in which employees’ skills will be further nurtured.

Reference SDGs