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A2A Investor Relations Team
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Investor Relations Guidelines

The main goal of the IR Department is to promote and support the correct knowledge and valuation of the A2A stock by the financial community, through a communication which is active, transparent, well-timed, constant, correct and not discriminatory. In order to achieve this goal, the IR Department assists A2A top management in the constant monitoring of the expectations of the financial markets on the Group performance.

The department holds regular meetings (one-to-one and group meetings) with the financial community in Italy and abroad, in person, in digital or hybrid mode. Furthermore, the IR department regularly schedules conference calls with the top management at the time of the release of the Group results and international roadshows to present major strategic developments.

Prior to the publication of financial results, as a rule for a period of two weeks (black-out period), top management is not available for meetings relating to the financial performance being reported.

Retail investors are advised to contact the IR department through e-mail, filling in the form available on A2A website or via letter. The answers can only deal with issues related to the IR activity and, concerning A2A share, the IR department can only refer to public information available on the company website, in particular to the documents released on the website in compliance with legal provisions. The IR department is not in charge neither of comments about the A2A performance in the Stock Exchange, nor of financial advice about the investment in A2A.

Contents of the IR section on company website are constantly monitored, developed and updated in order to fully satisfy the investor queries. In order to meet the most frequent requests of Retail Investors, a special subsection of questions and answers has been created.

Moreover, in line with A2A commitment to environmental sustainability, the IR department sends documents only in electronic format.

These guidelines reflect what set by the Policy for Managing Dialogue with Shareholders and other Significant Stakeholders of the Company, approved by A2A Board of Directors on 16 December 2021.