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Digital Transformation

A2A's Digital Transformation Plan


The role of technology in the 2021-2030 business plan is particularly relevant. Thanks to the new digital transformation plan, over the next ten years we will invest 2.8 billion euros in technological interventions, of which about 53% will be strictly related to digital and the remaining 47% dedicated to technological innovation.

The Digital Transformation Plan 2021-2030 includes over 120 enabling initiatives. All of the company's business units are involved with the goal of evolving processes, culture and skills to create a Data-Driven Company that can meet future challenges in an agile and innovative way.

The Strategic Pillars of the value creation plan are:

  • Asset Excellence to support the Energy Transition, manage the asset portfolio according to data-driven logic and continue to maximise plant availability.
  • Operational Efficiency to optimise the Group's operations, working on automation and optimisation of routine, manual and repetitive activities, also improving staff working conditions.
  • Stakeholder Multi-Channel Experience to provide a seamless experience to customers and citizens through digital tools, leveraging evolved communication channels to accelerate the sale of value-added services. 
  • Employee Centricity and Full Digitalisation to drive the digitalisation of the Group's employees, bridging the digital divide and developing and enhancing advanced skills to support digital ambition and, therefore, strategic ambition. 

The company's digital transformation initiatives are closely integrated with the Industrial Plan: the adoption of Computer Vision techniques applied to sorting and material recovery in the waste cycle, as well as the introduction of systems for the intelligent and flexible management of renewable energy or the adoption of data-driven tools that ensure effective monitoring and maintenance of the state of assets.

Key initiatives planned for the year 2021 range from the adoption of business intelligence tools and optimisation of energy management activities, to improving the pathways and operations of the field force. Projects are also underway that develop new digital channels for interaction with customers and employees, as well as solutions that enable the expansion of the customer base and improve operational efficiency through process automation.