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Energy Transition

The strategy of A2A to 2030 is focused on developing the production and use of green energy by accelerating decarbonization and promoting the electrification of consumption.

Our growth strategy


Our growth strategy


Key indicators

The continuing climate crisis highlights the need to accelerate the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources.

Consequently, we have foreseen a 15% increase in investments, reaching 11 billion euros, with an EBITDA target of 1.7 billion euros.
This virtuous pathway involves an improvement in the Group’s emission factor by 2030 compared to the objective approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (216gCO2/kWh in the current Plan compared to the certified SBTi figure of 230 gCO2/kWh) and thus the reduction of 49% of specific A2A emissions compared to 2017

In terms of new strategic developments, the Plan foresees the bringing forward of the growth of the green plant portfolio and a significant increase in e-mobility.

Our strategic action

Accelerating res growth

2021 was characterized by the acquisition of portfolios of RES generation facilities, which have made it possible to bring forward by two years the targets for an increase in green energy generation included in the Plan.

Within this scope come the agreements signed in February 2021 with Octopus Renewables and in January 2022 with Ardian, which enable us to acquire portfolios of both wind and photovoltaic plants located in Italy and in Spain with an overall power of 173 MW (Octopus) and 352 MW (Ardian). These operations will allow us to consolidate our position as the second largest operator in renewables and our presence in Italy, and also represent a first step in the development of renewable energy facilities in Europe.

Over the next few years, then, we confirm our commitment to speeding up RES growth, bringing forward to between 2021 and 2023 the installation of 20% of new renewable capacity (compared to the previous Plan’s 8%). The new development pipeline, amounting to 2.5 GW, is made up of a balanced technological mix – 61% solar and 39% wind – and is progressing in line with project expectations.


RES installed capacity1 | GW

Notes: (1) including hydro, solar and wind capacity (2) including 120 MW of new M&A (AEB). Assets owned by A2A through minority stakes included pro-rata (3) including 0.1 €B of New M&A (AEB)

Guaranteeing system flexibility

In order to guarantee flexibility of the national electricity system, we will develop a mix of solutions including a new hydrogen-ready gas combined cycle, a new gas peaker (already authorized), electrochemical storage and four CCGT upgrades (already authorized), contributing to an increase of 1.7 GW in new flexibility by 2030.
In addition to this:

  • We will develop pilot projects with Terna for secondary regulation
  • We will broaden our portfolio of dispatching with third-party sources
  • We will use synchronous compensators (Brindisi) and start up new projects on the basis of network requirements
  • We will carry forward the UVAM (mixed enabled virtual units) pilot projects
  • We will develop self-consumption solutions


Diversified source mix for flexibility

Carrying forward the process of the electrification of consumption

In final consumption, the role of electrification will be increasingly significant. We want to be enablers of this transition of the electrical system thanks to a plan of investment in electricity networks worth a cumulated 1.9 billion euros to 2030, thus confirming our commitment to carrying forward the electrification of consumption.


Electricity and gas networks RAB evolution | €B


Cumulative CAPEX

Guiding the choices of our customers towards the energy transition

In the next ten years, we will continue to foster among our customers a culture of responsible consumption, with a 150% increase in our electricity customer base by 2030 and a 25% increase in gas customers.


Customer base evolution | M customers

New strategic developments

Ranking as one of Italy’s top three charging point operators

In the sphere of e-mobility, we will quadruple our target for the installation of charging points for electric vehicles (24,000 by 2030 compared to the 6,000 of the previous Plan) with a relative market share in Italy of 15-20%, making investments totalling 300 million euros and aiming to confirm A2A as one of the top three Italian charging point operators. We have also foreseen the development of mobility service provider activities, with more than 200,000 charging service customers by the end of the Plan.


New ambition

Notes: (1) data analysis on SMR E&S Politecnico di Milano, Smart Mobility Report 2021; Motus-E, Il futuro della mobilità elettrica: l’infrastruttura di ricarica in Italia @2030; T&E, Recharge EU 2020

Boosting green production thanks to acceleration in renewables

Thanks to an acceleration in renewables, the Group has boosted its production of green energy, with 4.7 TWh more than foreseen in the previous Plan.


RES production1 | TWh


Notes: (1) including solar, wind and hydroelectric production. Electricity production from assets owned by A2A through minority stakes included pro-rata

Strategic Plan Update 2021-2030

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