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Fondazione AEM

Founded on 27 June 2007, the Fondazione AEM has the public utility and social solidarity aims in the Lombard Region, and to this end is dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and company culture of AEM, the Municipality of Milan’s historical energy company.

Its company aims include supporting scientific research and implementing innovative technologies in the energy sector and network services that have been AEM’s distinguishing characteristic.

The foundations has another important objective which relates to the protection, conservation, safeguarding and valorisation of AEM’s historical, architectural and cultural monuments such as its historic archive, photography archive, collection of art objects, by promoting and disseminating knowledge of the same.

Fondazione ASM

Fondazione ASM represents the social interface of the A2A Group relating to the territories of Brescia, Bergamo and Piacenza.

Active in pursuing statutory objectives, the foundation supports projects in different areas of interest, making itself an active and dynamic partner in the world of association formation and voluntary work, schools, museums and institutions, without abandoning its own autonomous initiatives, with the constant commitment to promote necessary networks and long lasting connections with other foundations and the bodies in the territory.

The sectors of activities can be summarised under the following macro areas:

  1. Social
  2. Show business – Exhibitions – Entertainment
  3. Environment
  4. Bergamo and Piacenza

Within these sectors the Foundation co-finances projects to tackle problems of our times in constructive terms, considering as well future repercussions.

In this connection it has published research studies in order to provide elements of knowledge and tools for cultural formulation and an overall enrichment of the context in which we live. In this way the Foundation has characterised its own presence, considering too its own background and the necessity to keep alive the historic link with the citizens, the users of the services that A2A provides in its operations.

It must also be emphasised that resources have been made available to promote and support projects that bring about a cultural and social growth in the territories of the A2A Group.

The Foundation intends to continue to operate as the cross breeder of various sensibilities, a reference point for top planning, a place for reflection and deepening of the themes that address the future of the city.