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Electric Mobility

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The future of mobility is electric: better air quality, zero CO2 emissions and quieter vehicles.

We are ready to act as a partner in the transport electrification process for citizens but also for car-sharing companies, agencies, car manufacturers and the public administration.
Since 2010, we have been developing a network of electric charging stations for 2, 3 and 4 wheeled vehicles, all 100% powered by renewable energy.
Our E-moving circuit is now available in Milan, Bergamo, Brescia and Valtellina with a total of around 500 charging points.


In Milan, we manage the most widespread urban network and also the most diversified in terms of the sockets and powers available: 20 Quick Charge columns (dual point up to 22kW in alternating current), 28 charging bars for quadricycles and 13 Fast Charge points (for fast charging at 50 kW) installed in partnership with Nissan and the Municipality of Milan (one of which is at Linate airport).
A network made up of 19 Quick Charge charging columns has been in service in Brescia since 2011, distributed in the main points of the city.

In Valtellina, 3 Quick Charge columns are operating in Tirano, Sondrio and Morbegno.
In 2019, we activated an electric vehicles charging network in Bergamo made up of 32 columns (8 Fast Charge and 24 Quick Charge), of which 8 are covered by Bergamo Wifi.
In the coming months, our network will also be extended to Cremona and Rovato (BS).


Find out about our entire charging network on the website or by downloading the “E-moving” app.

Our systems offer a significant contribution to the development of car sharing, thanks also to the installation and management of dedicated charging infrastructure. In 2017, we inaugurated the largest HUB for charging our corporate fleets (currently 100 electric vehicles, including cars and trucks).

Our services, across-the-board of client types, start with an economic technical consultancy through to the installation, distribution, management and maintenance of the charging system, including through assistance, reporting and digital services activities.
Discover all our proposals for the electric mobility of agencies, car-sharing companies, car manufacturers, public administration and domestic users on the website


E-moving is our app dedicated to electric mobility.

It displays the A2A charging columns where you can fill up your electric car with energy. After subscribing to E-moving, you can have an unlimited number of charges at all the A2A Quick Charge and Fast Charge stations.



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