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Energy is essential to everyday life of everyone, at home or outdoors.
For this this reason, we deliver our energy to thousands of customers, becoming a constant presence in their everyday actions. 
By bringing the comfort, innovation and efficiency of our services in their world, every day. 
Every day we strive to offer our customers a unique service and quality, interpreting and meeting the various needs. For the fifth year in a row, Cerved’s “Monitor Energia” confirmed our leadership in meeting the needs of our customers. A2A Energia, the electric energy and natural gas selling company of A2A Group, is actually the first market operator in terms of customer satisfaction. A2A Energia confirms excellent results also in the latest survey (1st Half 2016), carried out by the Authority for electric energy and natural gas on the degree of satisfaction directly perceived by customers (ICS).


Since 1 July 2007, energy market is completely free, this means that all final customers are entitled to select their own supplier on the free market as envisaged by Decree Law 73/07 providing urgent measures for the implementation of the EC provisions on the liberalisation of the electricity market.
Based on the provisions of said decree, the Authority for electricity, gas and water system (AEEGSI) provided initiatives and tools, intended to ensure a protection system for any customer who did not select a supplier.
Namely, the supply of energy at regulated prices under a “enhanced protection” scheme established by AEEGSI is guaranteed to household customers.
Thanks to the liberalization of the sales of electricity, the customer can freely choose from which retailer, and under which terms, they will buy electricity.

Free market:

Please visit to receive information, access to the service and be informed about the ELECTRICITY offers of the free market.


Enhanced Protection Service

The Enhanced Protection Service applies to domestic customers and small companies (with less than 50 employees and a turnover of no more than EUR 10 million) connected to the low voltage grid.
These customers have the right to receive the Enhanced Protection Service under the terms and the prices established by the Authority for electricity, gas and water system (AEEGSI). 
The customers who decided to switch to the Free Market have the right to return in any case to the Enhanced Protection service, by observing the terms and conditions established by the supplier for the withdrawal from the contract. The economic and contractual terms applied in the Enhanced Protection Market are updated by the Authority for electricity, gas and water system on a quarterly basis.
A2A Energia is the supplier of the Enhanced Protection Service in Milan, Rozzano, in the city of Brescia and in several municipalities of the province. 
Please visit the website to receive further information, review our rates and for accessing the on-line services. 


With regards to natural gas, all consumers, including domestic customers (i.e. Consumers who buy natural gas for heating their households or for cooking), are entitled to employ the provider who has the offer which they deem to be the most interesting since January 2003.


Free market:

Please visit to receive information, access to the service and be informed about the GAS offers of the free market.


Protection Service:

All customers of the gas market are entitled to choose their provider i.e. the company with the task to manage the supply from the commercial point of view since 1 January 2003.
However, if the household or the enterprise has not exercised its right to choose, it continues to receive the supply from its traditional provider, and pays for the gas under the standard economic terms defined by the Authority for electricity, gas and water system (AEEGSI), identified based on the actual costs of the service and on the evolution of the prices of the raw material.
Said economic arrangement for the supply is named “protection service” and the provider is in any case obliged to offer such service to any customer of the types listed in the AEEGSI resolution ARG/GAS no. 64/ 09 (as later modified and integrated).



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