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We believe that our integrated and comprehensive management of electricity and natural gas distribution, carried out by primary companies in the Italian market, is capable to use technology progress at best, for example the technologies applied to “smart grids”,  to guarantee ever more efficient and quality services to citizens and territories.

Our electricity and natural gas distribution operations require a constant commitment of resources and investments in research and new technology for the development of the networks with the main objective to meet the change of a constantly evolving industry in an appropriate manner. Our infrastructure assets and our closeness to the territories allow us to give our contribution for building up a new city model based in the improvement in the quality of life for the people.

In all the stages of the distribution operations, our technologies, tried and tested on field, are a best practice, not only at in a domestic but also in an European perspective. For both distribution services - electricity and natural gas - our business includes also the metering service, which is also characterised by important evolutions from the technological point of view thanks to the use of smart meters. 

public service and unbundling

Natural gas and electricity distribution operations are a public service carried out according to neutrality, transparency and effectiveness criteria towards the retail companies, and also efficiency in the management to reduce costs, and thus the distribution fees to the final customers. Distribution is governed by AEEGSI (under Law 14 November 1995 no. 481). The National legislation (Legislative Decree 79/1999 for electricity and Legislative Decree164/2000 for natural gas), which drove the liberalisation of gas and electricity market in Italy by implementing the Directives no. 96/92/EC and 98/30/EC (as integrated, for the electricity industry, by the provisions under Decree Law no. 73/07), required the corporate separation of the natural gas and electricity distribution from all the remaining activities of the gas and electricity industry. 
More recently, AEEGSI, with its resolutions no. 11/2007, 231/2014/R/com, 296/2015/R/com (as from time to time amended and integrated), imposed, for the natural gas and electricity distribution, also the application of more and more stringent requirements on functional, administrative and accounting separation (unbundling).



The company of A2A Group that provides these services is: