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From street cleaning to integrated waste management, from salvaging materials to recouping energy, our pursuit of value never ends.
Our model, that of a circular economy, allows us to convert waste into resources. This is a self-fuelling system: first comes collection, then reuse, repair, sharing, recycling of the material, with any remnants converted into usable energy.
Each material takes its own path, wending its way through different processes, within dedicated processing plants. But the departure point is the same for all of them: careful recycling.


We design, create, and manage collection systems, as well as systems for selecting, processing, and transforming waste into materials or energy so that they might be re-injected into production and consumption cycles.
We own and operate a number of plants, which stand apart thanks to their reliability and innovation, security, and high environmental performance.
We offer integrated, cutting-edge solutions for every type of environmental service to both public- and private-sector companies.
We develop research activities aimed at identifying new technologies, with pilot systems and collaborations with industrial partners.

Services for the region: Amsa and Aprica

We provide customised recycling solutions for the local communities, placing them in the service of a full-circle, value-generating path. We take care of cities: we provide street cleaning and other municipal waste-collection services on a daily basis.

Our goal is to make the cities and regions we work in centres of environmental excellence, and we rely on the buy-in from the local community to do this.



Thanks to AMSA "Milanese Environmental Services Company", we work to keep Milan, as well as its 13 surrounding communities, covering a 315 square kilometre area, clean. We provide jobs for 2.4 million people. Through a “door-to-door” service in Milan, we recycle over 60% of all waste generated.





521,602 t


854,970 t




Through Aprica, we serve over 70 communities in Northern Italian Provinces for a total of approximately 867,000 citizens, covering a footprint of over 1,700 square kilometres. In Brescia alone, the mixed-recycling system coupled with the commitment of the local population has allowed for recycling rates to top 70%.


Municipalities served


Residents served

273,472 t

Total recyclables

381,106 t

Total rubbish collected


We manage all types of industrial waste, both hazardous and non hazardous, either directly through our plants, or through third parties, and the entire process for reclaiming contaminated soil and waters.
Our approach involves accurate preliminary analysis, aimed at identifying the best methods for depositing, salvaging, and disposing of waste based on the type of material to be processed, before moving onto designing and fully implementing a range of services: global service, micro collections, MUD [Environmental Impact Statement] form completion, safe destruction, environmental consultancy.


PULIamo is our free app dedicated to the local communities, and to AMSA and APRICA customers, intended to provide a guide to the world of waste collection.

By keying in your address, you will be able to access a wide array of services offered by the leading waste-collection companies in the A2A Group.

The app alerts you to the collection days scheduled for your home, and provides you all the information you need to properly sort your recyclables. Moreover, where available, it allows to submit a pick-up request for cumbersome waste, abnormal situations to be reported (illegal dumping, overflowing receptacles, etc.) and information to be provided on the location of the ecological platforms. Through the application, it is also possible to understand when the streets will be washed.

By downloading the PULIamo app onto your smartphone, not only will you have a convenient tool at your disposal, you will also be doing your part to keep the city clean, and to protect the environment.