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If everyone gives his contribution, we can live in cities which are constantly clean and prettier.
For this reason, each single day we manage street cleaning, waste collection and their handling, recovery and disposal in several provinces and municipalities of Lombardy, involving their citizen in many initiatives. In particular, we work in the City of Milan and in many municipalities in the Province but also in Brescia, Bergamo, Como and Varese and in more than 70 municipalities of the region. We offer our services to citizens, property managers and enterprises through tailored solutions.  
We also provide material and energy recovery service through the treatment of waste in waste-to-energy plants because we believe that waste can be turned into resources.


PULIamo is our free app intended for the citizens and the users of AMSA, ASPEM and APRICA for guiding them in the world of urban hygiene services.
By providing his address, the user has at his disposal all the services offered by the main urban hygiene companies of A2A Group.
The app displays the waste collection days for your household and any information required for a correct waste sorting. Moreover, where available, it allows to request the collection of bulky waste, to report abnormal situations (such as, for example, illegal dumps, full garbage bins, etc....) and to know the location of the ecological platforms. The app provides also information on the days on which the street cleaning is carried out. Download the new app Puliamo on your smartphone and you'll have a useful and practical tool to help yourself to maintain clean cities in an environmentally responsible way.



The companies of A2A Group which provide these services are: