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Today, the services related to the management of heating and to the district heating services for the houses where we live and for the buildings where we work, represent the most efficient, sustainable and effective option for improving the comfort and the quality of our life at home and in our workplaces while respecting the environment.

District heating

Today, the majority of European citizens live and works in cities, where 80% of energy consumption and CO2 polluting emissions are concentrated. District Heating is a sound reply for protecting the environment. Choosing it means switching off the heating boilers of the buildings and also using renewable or traditional sources in the best way through highly efficient technologies such as the energy recovery from certain industrial production cycles or from waste-to-energy cycles. It is an efficient and clean system for heating our homes and for producing the domestic hot water delivered by the taps. Through district heating, hot water is produced in stations which are often located well away from the user building, removing in this way the heating boilers which are replaced by simpler heat exchangers. No combustion is carried out in the exchangers, no smoke is produced, allowing the elimination of flue pipes.
The produced hot water is despatched to the building through a network of underground pipes, and, as soon it arrives to the exchanger, it transfers its heat to the water contained in the heating system of the building allowing thus to bring this heat in each room.
District Heating is a conscious choice for heating our homes which generates benefits for the citizens and for the environment.

Heat Management

Living in a clean and healthy district means also make the energy systems of the house where we live efficient. A building is efficient not only if it allows a saving on the energy costs, but also, and above all, if it gives its contribution in making our town cleaner.
For this reason we offer many services intended to make any kind of building efficient and sustainable from an energy perspective. This means implementing a careful management, monitoring and dispatching of heat, but also make efficient or regenerate the heating and lighting systems getting as far as completing auto-production infrastructures connected to solar energy.


The company of A2A Group that provides these services is: