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Smart city

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The future of cities consists of the digital services which are mutually integrated and connected in a network to meet the needs of the communities.
Our job is to be close to citizen jointing the evolution in technology with the services which we manage to improve the quality of city life and to seek environmental efficiency.
We aim to give our help to build the future of cities through the smart use of resources and information generated by the city itself. We base our development strategies on the new Generation fibre network and we are able to offer a technology infrastructure which enables the Smart services, granting more value to territories and cities thanks to our experience in network business.
For this reason, using the infrastructure assets, we develop custom solutions, both for business and institutional customers. To date, our experience is strongly focused on wide-band connectivity, on remote reading of our meters and on LED public lighting but also on different services:

From monitoring and generating energy, to monitoring and controlling heat in buildings, through domotics. From monitoring and checking the stability of infrastructures, to the monitoring of the safety of buildings, through parking, sharing and electric vehicle recharging services. From Wi-Fi to video surveillance.


Our presence in the main urban areas in Lombardy is comprehensive ensuring a quick implementation of smart cities.

Smart city lab

We created the «Smart City Lab», a R&D structure for implementing innovative IoT digital technologies to be applied to the management of the services intended for the territory.
We seek in fact to take a leading role as a partner for institution and to give our contribution, with our know how and our enabling infrastructure, to guide citizen towards a new scenario which will change the idea itself of cities thanks to digital technologies.
We are partners of LoRa Alliance, a no-profit organization which tests and shares the trials of the innovative LoRa transmission protocol.
The Smart Lab can be visited at our Brescia headquarters in via Lamarmora 230. 
It is also possible to use our virtual visit to view the services which are active and tested in our research laboratory:


Enter our Smart City Lab



The company of A2A Group that provides these services is: